Seduce Your Man With An Erotic Lap Dance – How to Do a Striptease


Seduce Your Man With An Erotic Lap Dance – How to Do a Striptease


There’s no doubt about it — if you’re looking to turn your man on, re-ignite the passion in your relationship and be the only woman he fantasizes about — surprising him with a lapdance is a sure way to make it happen.

What Men Really Want…

It’s most men’s ultimate fantasy to be with a lady in public and a totally confident seductress — a true sex Goddess — in the bedroom. And when we finally find her, we will do ANYTHING to keep this woman.

After all, let’s face it, most relationships quickly become BORING sexually.

Men are truly driven in large part by their sexual desires; it’s in their physiology. And if it isn’t you who fulfills those desires for your man, it WILL be someone else who will.

Now that doesn’t mean he’ll cheat on you or leave you for another woman. Instead he may just fantasize about other women: the gals at the strip club, the women in porn, the women at the office, the bartender at the local pub.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. You can learn to be the only woman your man thinks about — the only woman he fantasizes about.

It Doesn’t Matter How Old You Are, If You Don’t Have The Perfect Body, Or If You’ve Never Done Anything Like This Before

None of that matters! You can still learn how to perform a sexy, seductive and completely confident lapdance that will turn your man on so much that he’ll be begging to have his way with you.

You can learn how to be your man’s sex Goddess!

The problem is, nobody was born knowing all the right moves, steps, poses and routines that turn men into a giant puddle of sexually-frustrated mush during a lapdance. Like anything else, it is a skill that must be learned.

Introducing… Seduce Your Man With An Erotic Lap Dance – How to Do a Striptease


The Seduce Your Man With An Erotic Lap Dance – How to Do a Striptease is the ONLY online course available on the internet that teaches the “woman next door” how to give a lap dance with total confidence.

It’s a combination of online video lessons, a detailed written instructional guide, large, full-resolution pictures, audio interviews, and a special article archive.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In “Seduce Your Man With An Erotic Lap Dance – How to Do a Striptease”…

First of all, it is broken down into 8 major parts to make it as easy to absorb as possible. I’ve designed the course so that you can watch and study each part on your computer then go practice it in front of a mirror. Then move onto the next part once you’ve mastered it.

Part 1: How To Prepare For Giving Your Man The Sexiest Lapdance Of His Life!

In the first section, you’ll learn everything you need to know to ensure that you are fully prepared to give your man the most erotic experience of his life!

You’ll learn about everything from the right music to put on, to what to wear, to techniques for creating massive confidence and sex appeal… and much, much more.

Part 2: How To Start The Lapdance Confidently

If you’ve ever wondered how exactly to start giving your man a lapdance without looking awkward or silly, this section will remove all the mystery for you.

Part 3: How To Perform The Seven Basic Lapdance Moves

In Part 3, you’ll follow along as Tiffany Claire demonstrates how to perform the seven basic moves of a good lapdance. This section includes step-by-step online videos, pictures and written instructions to make learning these moves as quick and fun as possible.

Part 4: How To Master The Six Advanced Lapdance Moves

In Part 4, you’ll watch as the model guides you through each of the six advanced lapdance moves, step-by-step. Use these moves when you’re ready to take the lapdance to the next level and really turn your man on!

Once again, you’ll master these moves by studying our online videos and then following along with the written instructions and pictures. And because you’ll have access to all this right online you can watch the videos as many times as you need to until you’ve mastered every move.

Part 5: How To Remove Your Clothes Seductively, Without Looking (Or Feeling) Silly…

In this section Tiffany will show you how to remove your clothes in the most seductive and sexy way possible, without fumbling or looking silly.

Part 6: How To End The Lapdance With Total Confidence

In Part 6 of the course you’ll learn how to confidently take control of the situation and lead it into wherever you want it to go next.

Part 7: How To Put It All Into Action, Step-By-Step:

Okay here’s where it all comes together and you learn how to actually put everything you’ve learned in the other sections of my course into practice.

Discover the secrets about how to put together the sexiest lapdance routine possible!

This will save you a ton of time trying to come up with your own routine and give you confidence knowing ahead of time what works best.

Part 8: Answers From Jay Archer And Tiffany Claire

In the final part, you’ll get to listen in as Tiffany and I answer all your biggest and most pressing questions about lap dancing. This section is in MP3 format so you can listen to it right online or download it to your computer or iPod to listen to later.

Here’s What You’re Going To Get in Seduce Your Man With An Erotic Lap Dance – How to Do a Striptease

  • A detailed written instructional guide explaining the moves, steps and routines used by the best professional exotic dancers, in step-by-step detail.
  • Over 50 large, full-resolution pictures demonstrating how to perform each of the techniques in the instructional guide.
  • 10 online instructional video lessons that take all the mystery out of learning how to lapdance like a pro! These videos have just been released, after literally hundreds of requests, and new videos are added regularly.
  • A 30-minute audio interview with Jay Archer and Tiffany Claire, answering your most pressing questions about giving a lapdance.
  • A special article archive with new articles added regularly.
  • You’ll Also Get 4 More Powerful Ways to Seduce Your Lover…

You’ll have every tool at your disposal to seduce your man and bring the passion back to your love life that you and your man deserve.

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Seduce Your Man With An Erotic Lap Dance – How to Do a Striptease