Seduce With Personality – Four Step System To Success With Women


Seduce With Personality – Four Step System To Success With Women


Learn in four simple steps how to approach women, flirt and communicate with them and how to turn them into your girlfriend even if you are shy and not good looking

The Four-Step-System to success with women

If you are having problems approaching women and starting a conversation, problems when trying to seduce her or if you don’t know how to arouse a woman’s interest, and your confidence and your entire life are under bad weather, and everything you have tried so far hasn’t paid off, then this article will contain the most important message you have ever heard in your life. I am going to show you how to change all that within four simple steps, so that you will never have to fear being rejected again.

Not having the success one wishes he has hurts, leads us to feel lonely and somehow to feel as if we are emasculated. Even worse, the feeling not to be able to approach women and to attract them is like a whirl that pulls you down more and more and that eventually makes you more and more unattractive to women. It’s like a vicious circle which seems to have no exit.

If you can identify with one or more of these questions above, then I have some very important news for you.

You are not alone out there!



Do these four simple things and you will be rewarded with success with women

1- Men and women work differently

Men and women are driven by different things, i.e., what motivates or attracts a man is not the same that motivates or attracts a woman. The reason is that women work differently and if a man uses his logic when it comes to dealing with men, he already lost the game before it even started.

2 – Attraction is something we cannot control

There are factors running in the background that determine whether we are attracted to another person or not.

The really interesting thing is that we cannot decide whether these factors are triggered or not, as they run subconsciously.

In other words, a woman cannot decide by herself whether she feels attraction for you or not … you, on the other hand, can specifically influence it!

If you really want to have the control over your success with women, it is indispensable that you get to know these factors, which are responsible for triggering the powerful feeling of attraction in a woman.

I needed six years of my life to completely learn and conceive these factors and how powerful they are. The good thing for you is that I don’t need more than five minutes to explain each of those to you, whereas it took me years of frustration to learn the mechanisms of attraction the hard way.

They are simply nothing society, school or your parents teach you. Either you are lucky to have an older brother teaching them to you or you must be a natural. To the rest of us out there they don’t exist and we shouldn’t wait one more second to learn them as they are the foundation of anything that will ever happen between a man and a woman.

2 – Overcome all your anxieties, inner obstacles and doubts

Success with women starts within you.

It doesn’t matter how much you know about the psychology of attraction nor how much you comprehend the female gender or how many fancy seduction concepts you know if you feel something inside of you holding you back.

How many times have you seen a woman you liked but instantly felt an anxiety which held you back from walking up to her and starting a conversation?

You must learn to overcome these anxieties, as they not only hold you back from doing what you want to do, but also have a negative effect on your charisma.

Truth is that you can achieve a lot more with your body language and voice tone than with the words you use.

Women analyze a man SUBCONSCIOUSLY and within seconds they either feel attracted to him or not. Once a woman perceives you as unattractive, it is almost impossible to get out of it.

If you are driven by anxieties, doubts and inner obstacles which hold you back, you will ALWAYS radiate them and no dating or seduction technique, strategy or skill will make any difference, as women feel your insecurity.

There is essentially nothing as unattractive to women as an insecure man.

Most men don’t see the importance of this step as they just see success with women on the visible level, so all they want to look for is techniques and instructions, but I can guarantee you that this step is the MOST IMPORTANT of all! If you want to have long-term success with women, then this step is not optional, but a MUST.

Once you have eliminated all your inner obstacles, anxieties and doubts, it is important to be prepared for meeting and attracting women.

3 – Learn skills that work for the key situations with women

How many times have you seen a woman that you instantly felt attracted to and that you would have loved to approach, but you just couldn’t think of the right words and eventually you let her pass by, and even hours later you were thinking about this situation, wishing you had acted differently?

How many times have you been talking to a woman where you just didn’t manage to ask her for her number?

And how many times have you been in situations with a woman in which you could have kissed her or seduced her to sex, but you just didn’t know how and let the opportunity pass by?

To be honest, all of these situations happen every day and most guys let so many opportunities go by, as they simply don’t know what to do.

Almost every day you are going to see a woman you simply feel attracted to and for those moments you need to be prepared.

It’s not about learning techniques for every situation, which you now memorize and then download, as you mostly come across as plastic and the women will think of you as unattractive even if she doesn’t want to.

The key to success is getting “skills” for these situations.

Truth is that most men don’t see a difference between a technique and a skill or don’t think of this difference to be important, but this is eventually what makes them fail.

A technique is a skill if you apply it without thinking about it and without thinking what to say or do.

Imagine you had one skill which you could use to approach women in any situation, one skill in order to get her phone number and one skill where you knew for sure that she would go on a date with you and how to do one step after another until you end up in a relationship?

For all these situations I developed SKILLS, which allow you to approach women anywhere anytime, turn her into your girlfriend and how to seduce her to sex. The good thing for you is that I will teach you my entire arsenal of skills step by step.

To be honest ONE SKILL is already enough for each of these situations in order to pass them with success as long as it is really a skill and no technique.

4 – Become the Mr. Right of a woman

There are many men out there who don’t know the IMPORTANT differences between dating and a relationship. These differences, however, are essential to know when there is a woman you would like to have a relationship with.

To be honest many of the skills which are pure gold when it comes to getting women are your enemy when it comes to keeping women, as they simply need something different from you now.

If you want to have long-term success with a woman and want her to see you as the right one for her, then you need to learn how to become her Mr. Right and how to keep up the fire of your love.

Allow yourself to eventually enjoy your time with women out in clubs, to regularly go out on dates and to trigger attraction in women so it’s them chasing you and not the other way round.

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Seduce With Personality – Four Step System To Success With Women