Secrets Of Figure Drawing Tutorial


Introducing This Brand New Course Called… “Secrets Of Figure Drawing”
It’s divided into 6 different modules. Each module has several videos lessons and covers a different element of the Figure Drawing Success Formula.

Secrets Of Figure Drawing Tutorial

All together you’ll be getting 6 full training modules, filled with 29+ video lessons for a total of over 7 hours of materials. And you’ll be able to watch these videos anytime from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s just a few of the things you’re going to learn in this course:

Module 1: Human Proportion Made Easy

+ The three different types of human proportion and how to draw them
+ A simple trick to measure out your figures so they will always be in proportion
+ How to construct the figure from scratch and front, side, and 3/4 view so you can permanently embed that knowledge into your mind
+ Common mistakes beginners make that cause their figure to be out of proportion and what to do about it
+ And much, much more …

Module 2: Drawing The Figure In Perspective

+ Basic rules of perspective and how they apply to drawing the human figure
+ How to use perspective to make your figure look more realistic and interesting
+ Step-by-step instruction on how to draw basic figure and objects in perspective so you can everything gradually without getting overwhelmed
+ How perspective affects proportion so you can keep your figures in proportion even when drawing it in different angles and poses
+ How to draw different types of perspective (1-point perspective, 2-point perspective, 3-point perspective)
+ And much, much more …

Module 3: Drawing Gesture & The Manikin Figure

+ How to simplify the human figure into basic shapes to draw a manikin figure
+ How to use gesture drawing to create convincing action poses from your imagination
+ How to draw the manikin figure in different action poses (throwing, sitting, etc)
+ The secret to drawing the figure from your imagination
+ And much, much more …

Module 4: Drawing Realistic Anatomy

+ Why anatomy is so important to drawing the human figure
+ How to easily transform your manikin into a fully realistic human figure by just adding a few details
+ Detail step-by-step instruction on how to draw the different parts of the body (arms, torso, legs, back, etc)
+ How to draw flexing muscles so your action poses will look more believable
+ How to draw the different body parts from different angles
+ And much, much more…

Module 5: Secrets Of Realistic Shading

+ The exact type of pencils you should use to achieve the best tone when shading and when to use them
+ Different pencil grips to use and how to employ them for effortless shading
+ Learn the fundamentals of shading by practicing on simple objects (spheres, cylinders, etc)
+ How to apply what you learn on a real human figure to make it look life-like
+ And much, much more …

Module 6: Drawing A Complete Figure From Start To Finish

+ Where to start and what to do when drawing a figure (follow these beginning steps and everything that comes after will be so much easier)
+ How to deal with the hands and feet when drawing a figure
+ Ways to shade your figure to give it depth and dimension
+ Check list of all the key details to add to your figure drawing to make it truly realistic
+ Using shading and blending techniques to create realistic skin tones
+ And much, much more…

This course will hold you by the hand and literally lead you ever step of the way until you draw your first realistic figure.


Secrets Of Figure Drawing Tutorial