Second Chance: How the Over 50s Can Thrive and Prosper



Second Chance: How the Over 50s (or anyone else) Can Thrive and Prosper in the New World


Why Being Over 50, or 60 or Older Can be the Most Profitable, Most Financially Rewarding Time of Your Life!

Redundant and unemployable at 40, yet successful at 60, Phil Gosling has walked the talk. In his new bestseller – Second Chance – Phil Gosling reveals why society at large is making a huge mistake and how YOU are ideally placed to create for yourself the independent, worry-free life you deserve – and how to do it.

From thinking you’re past it to suddenly realizing you have evolved into something very special – and very powerful…

  • Discover why most people ‘over a certain age’ find themselves powerless, pushed aside by the young or stuck in jobs or situations forced upon us in earlier years. And then discover the amazing truth – we have not become old, we have evolved into a new phase of life that is full of opportunity. We have not become weak. We have become strong.
  • Why being over a certain age gives you a massive advantage
  • The surprising truth about the age of ‘success stories’
  • Why you are more likely to become financially successful when you’re past it – and how to achieve it!
  • How the Internet has given older, wiser minds fabulous tools to increase our income and enjoy relaxation

Introducing… Second Chance: How the Over 50s (or anyone else) can Thrive and Prosper in the New World


Fired from his own company at the age of 40, with no usable qualifications, two small mouths and a very large mortgage to feed, Phil Gosling had to find a different route. And find it he did.

Now a successful Internet publisher, writer and speaker, Phil unleashes the real truths behind why so many people over 40, 50 and 60 let themselves be duped into thinking they are on the scrapheap, when in reality they are a powerful force uniquely evolved for a new purpose – a purpose they can use to become financially free.

Forced to both think and live ‘outside the box’ Phil reveals a new world, a new philosophy called the Inclusion Principle in which failure is replaced by a new science in which YOU call the shots and regain complete control of your life and finances.

Have you ever felt you’re a square peg in a round hole world?

Starting from school, the system you were brought up in was designed to fit round pegs into round holes; which is great – if you’re a round peg. On the other hand if you have ever felt as though you are a square peg in a round hole universe, that you don’t quite fit, that all of your life you have been forced to trim the corners off your square peg persona to try and fit into someone else’s round hole world, then you’re not alone – and this book will be an absolute revelation.

In Second Chance Phil reveals how he discovered another system running parallel to the normal world. It’s in open view but most people don’t see it. By changing your viewpoint you will find a square hole universe in which you can be a perfect fit. Furthermore, this new place is exactly where you are supposed to go when you mature. We don’t get old – like a butterfly we move from a caterpillar state to a butterfly state, and in this new place we stop crawling about and start to fly.

Are you a Disenfranchised Elder?

If you’re ‘over a certain age’ (which can be anything over 40) and find yourself sat in a job interview with half a dozen bright young things, you know you’re not going to get the job.

You have become a Disenfranchised Elder. Your experience and knowledge of the job and the world at large has been eradicated in favour of youthful enthusiasm. Of course it’s not right. In fact it’s stupid, but you feel powerless to do anything about it.

Or perhaps you’re still in a job that is deeply unsatisfying and unrewarding. You feel trapped in job-hell by the decisions you had to make at 20 or even earlier.

So, are you on the scrap-heap at 45? Are you looking at working forever because your future pension has been stolen away? Completely wrong.

The reality is astoundingly different. The truth is that the latest psychological research has revealed that ‘middle age’, and even old age is a special place unique to the world of human beings. We have a role to play and that role is not being pushed around by owners of smart cellphones whose braincells are not as smart.

It’s time we stopped cowering under the onslaught of new stuff, new people and newthink. The computer might say no but we have a manual override button that says yes. The simple fact is that you have a wealth of experience and knowledge and that means power. And it’s time you put that power to work for yourself.

In Second Chance You’ll learn…

  • Why “old fashioned’ schooling gave us massive advantages.
  • Someone’s making a monkey out of you. And you’ll never guess who it is!
  • Why our generation was – and still is – one of the most innovative.
  • Why you are on the edge of an ocean of opportunity that most people can’t see.
  • Why you are uniquely capable of achieving more now, then ever before in your life.
  • How a quiet revolution has made it possible for you to live the life you deserve.

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Second Chance: How the Over 50s (or anyone else) Can Thrive and Prosper in the New World