Sculpture And Art Tutorials: Plaster & Bronze Body Casting Course


Sculpture And Art Tutorials: Plaster & Bronze Body Casting Course


Bodyscape’s publishes a number of tutorials for artists, sculptors and hobbyists, teaching basic principles through simple, affordable and easily implemented small projects.

Olivier Duhame is a New Zealand sculptor specializing in bronze figurines which he sells in art galleries around the world. Feel free to explore this site to see some of his work. Bodyscape is the name of his studio and workshop on Waiheke island, near Auckland, New Zealand.

During the course of his practice he has developed methods and acquired expertise which he is now sharing in the form of a series of tutorials.

The guiding idea of these tutorials is to teach via simple, practical, easily achievable and affordable small projects demonstrating the basic principles. Once the readers has completed this practical project and is familiar with the basic principles, the second part of the tutorials talks about some more advanced techniques.

He is aiming at getting more people into expressing their creativity by showing them techniques that are achievable with a minimum of investment in time and materials.

He has written the booklets with passion and his greatest reward is the knowledge that you have completed the sculpture project successfully and now have a wonderful artwork to grace your home with and to amaze your friends.


Bodyscape’s famous “Body Casting Manual”

An easy to follow manual explaining how to make a plaster sculpture of someone’s torso.

How to make a beautiful, realistic and durable plaster sculpture of your girlfriend’s torso….

(or any other part of her body…) With the instruction handbook, it is as simple as 1, 2, 3….

Bronze Casting Manual – Cast your own small bronze.

A complete tutorial taking you step by step through an easily achievable project for professional sculptors and hobbyists

A simple and affordable method to cast a small bronze sculpture by yourself.

Learn the lost wax, ceramic shell technique.

If you happen to be one of those crazy individuals that insists on doing everything by themselves, this tutorial will show you a simple, safe and easy way to cast a small, fist size sculpture in bronze at little cost and little effort.

This book demystifies the bronze casting process. Follow the step by step instructions and make a small bronze object in your backyard.

The method described in this manual is called the thin ceramic shell, lost wax technique. There are many other methods to make a bronze figurine but the lost wax, thin ceramic shell method is the easiest way for the home founder to make a small sculpture to a high degree of quality at little cost and with easily found tools and materials.

This is the same method implemented by professional art foundries. We have simply scaled it down and adapted some aspects of the process to make it easy for anyone to complete successfully in a few days without any heavy equipment.

This manual is not attempting to delve into details of all the principles and all aspects of the technology. It focuses on a simple yet rewarding project that will allow the novice to cast a small piece safely, quickly, cheaply and to a high degree of quality. More advanced techniques are discussed in the second part of the book.

The manuals are valuable resources providing a real service, not a scam.

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Sculpture And Art Tutorials: Plaster & Bronze Body Casting Course