Sandbags, Kettlebells and Bodyweight Training System


Sandbags, Kettlebells and Bodyweight Training System


If you’re bored with your workouts and the lack of results you’re seeing and are ready for a serious change of pace, keep reading about this odd and unconventional method of training will change everything for you below…

Discover How To Use A Unique Blend Of Your Own Bodyweight, Kettlebells, And Sandbags To Start Building More Athletic-Muscle, Powerful Strength, Plus Shred Off Body Fat All At Once!

Transform You Into A Ruthless Machine With This Hardcore, But Highly Effective Training Program That Will Produce FREAKISH Training Results Fast!




The SECRET to this “system” is how it effectively blends together Bodyweight, Sandbags, and Kettlebells into a full program.

Think about it for a second. When you break down these modes of training, you get the best of all worlds when it comes to getting RESULTS.



The base foundation of all strength training. If you’re not strong with your own bodyweight, you’ll be weak in other areas as well! This training is your foundation.

In this program, you’ll:

+ Learn proper progressions and variations of all the essential movements so you can move with powerful grace and efficiency.
+ Gain mobility and athleticism through advanced movements and progressions so you can keep gaining strength week after week
+ Unique intervals and circuits will build up supreme amounts of conditioning and explosiveness

The PROBLEM: Too many people totally neglect this training altogether or absolutely fail to focus more attention on the essential movements needed to get top results.

Don’t let this be you!



This is one of the most POWERFUL methods of training that’s unfortunately widely underused and unknown. This helps increase total body strength and power while also building up greater levels of mental toughness.

+ Build up levels of Brute Strength by digging into HEAVY sandbags which will test your body in new ways that you’ve never been hit with.
+ Construct hands of steel with a vice like grip by performing different variations of movements.
+ Destroy common weakness’ through the functionality and uniqueness through the use of this method.
+ Create a solid core of pure ripped muscle through the use of full body focused sandbag movements and variations which will blow your normal “ab routines” out of the water forever.

If you’re not taking advantage of how effective this is for your ultimate results, you are missing the boat.

Good news is that inside this program you’ll discover exactly how to properly use and implement this method.



One of the oldest and most effective forms of strength training that is often overlooked and neglected. What makes this form of training so lethal is the shear amount of versatility this has that will push your training to new unknown heights.o use!

+ Shred Up Body Fat like mad through the many different types of complexes and circuits you’ll unleash within the BBB Training System
+ Learn all of the basic progressions and variations of the most essential movements needed for the best results possible
+ Build up an “Iron Mind” simply by touching and learning how to properly implement them into your program through this program.
+ Increase overall Strength and Power through the many different athletically based full body movements.

Get with the old and join the revolution. This manual will show you how to MAXIMIZE its use for your best results ever!



The real secret behind why this system works so effectively is it specially blend together three of the most powerful training methods into a single program.

By using this unique blend of methods in the exact program, you’ll push your body into drastically transforming itself likes it’s never done before.

You’re going to build up loads of strength, power, conditioning, and improve overall athleticism.

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Sandbags, Kettlebells and Bodyweight Training System