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Interested In Learning One of The Most Effective Martial Arts?

Now available for the first time ever, you can learn all the techniques required for promotion from white to black belt with online video instruction in the exact order and lesson format that you would experience in private lessons. Whether this is your first martial art or you are an experienced martial artist looking to expand your knowledge, it is perfect for you.

Through revolutionary Video Teaching, carefully explained step by step that allows you to learn from the comfort of your home with no time restrictions and with our evaluation process, we will be able to monitor your progress, evaluate your skills, and assess your eligibility for official belt promotions on your journey to mastery.

Over many centuries it has proven to be a very effective self defense system, used by the Samurai in ancient Japan for close combat fighting, its utilization of one’s opponent’s movement or intention in order to subdue them usually through join manipulation and throwing techniques makes it useful in today’s conditions.

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Join the Samurai Aikijutsu Academy Online Video Training and you will get:

  • Over 150 of the best online training videos – with step by step explanation
  • Complete Curriculum – 8 rank advancements from white to black belt.
  • Modular system – carefully selected monthly teaching modules.
  • Powerful and Effective self defense techniques – used by the Samurai.
  • Original techniques – transferred from generation to generation.
  • Save Money – pay only a fraction of private lessons!

How does the Samurai Aikijutsu Academy Online Video Training Membership Work:

Once joining the academy you will receive your immediate access to the Members Area with the first module that includes the instructional video lessons so you can start learning right away, every 30 days from enrollment a new module with the video lessons for that particular month will be added to your members page, you will have access to the new and all the previous modules you have already studied.

When you complete the necessary modules to be eligible for a rank advancement, and you feel ready to be tested, all you have to do is follow the instructions inside your members page.

You are about to get started on the most exciting journey into this Martial Art, whether you are familiar, experienced or not, you will find it to be a beautiful yet effective system for self defense.

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