Run A Successful Mailorder Business From Home


Run A Successful Mailorder Business From Home


No one should even think about going into a home operated business before reading “A Lifetime of Homework.” If you are to stay in business, you must have this book.

Practically all new enterprises fail during the first 3 to 5 years. The rest of them have to struggle, to constantly change, turn around, scramble, search for new products, look for new locations or new partners, retool, revamp, switch to a new line, abandon old markets, sell out to new owners, merge, etc. Having a system, a plan, that will keep you in the same field and market for a lifetime, is certainly going to be a revelation that’ll be worth a fortune to some starters!

Having a secret plan that will guarantee a lifetime of security and permanence is really something unheard of in this crazy, changeable world!

Operate out of your home for the rest of your life! If you have a job, your security during the rest of your life is but a myth! You are at the mercy of the economy and the company. Independence, lifetime security, permanence, even wealth… cannot be yours… with a salary job. You’ll never be able to relax, put tensions and worries aside, until you have an enterprise you can rely on for all of your life!

Choose Financial Security

There are troubled times ahead. Many of the unemployed will never get their old jobs back. Overseas markets are taking away jobs. This is just the beginning. We haven’t seen anything yet! Layoffs could increase. You’ll never make a fortune or have any kind of lifetime security with a job, or even with an ORDINARY enterprise. Family income has been falling behind during the last 10 years.

The economy is on a roller coaster. Economists believe it will shift from inflation to recession to inflation … a constant shifting back and forth over the years. For the average family it is a life where the breadwinner can never really breathe a sigh of relief, or truly feel safe and secure. And this sad, uneasy feeling can go on for a lifetime!

Introducing…  Run A Successful Mailorder Business From Home

With this kind of enterprise the income goes on for years and years. You could go on with such a project for say – 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years, depending on how old you now are… but the rest of your working life!

Where can you find such an enterprise? No enterprise will stand the test of a lifetime. There just aren’t any around.

They fail, move, change lines, sell out, close because of death. New owners can come and go. It is unheard of. No dealer has run his ads for 48 years non-stop. No mailorder man has used the same format, same ads, advertising material, same unit or product, same service, for a LIFETIME.

The plan and concept is amusing, interesting, corny, exciting, unusual, clean, respectable, ethical, precious. The book will show you, the reader, how to make something into a saleable unit that you can sell for the rest of your life… and some of the time it’ll cost you nothing, but a small amount of time, to make the change to something valuable and extremely saleable.

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Run A Successful Mailorder Business From Home