Roulette Psychic – Finally a Roulette Product that isn’t Scam


Roulette Psychic – Finally a Roulette Product that isn’t Scam


I just felt that I had to blog about this product, because after just 48 hours I’ve made over $6k at online roulette and the best part is, it allowed me to make the decisions myself. You really have to hear about this product.

Roulette Psychic is a brand new Roulette Counter from a young lady named Sylvia, and it’s by far the most useful roulette product on the market today. It’s a fully customizable roulette counter that allows you to keep track of 5 outside betting opportunities and will only advise you on when to bet when you feel that the outcome has a high probability.


This isn’t like other roulette products that are clearly scams. It does not use any form of progressive betting, this is where you have to slowly increase bets every time you lose, and can sometimes end up betting $200 just to win $1.

Don’t make any mistake, this product is powerful, unique and unlike anything that the roulette industry has seen before.

With it’s fully customizable betting triggers and algorithm monitors you too could be making $4k per session just like the author of the product Sylvia Gumpert.

Roulette Psychic is NOT a get rich quick scheme in anyway and does not pretend to be. The software is simply designed to aid existing roulette players to keep track of outside betting opportunities to help them win money.

Don’t get me wrong, anyone can use roulette psychic to make a handsome profits in a very short space of time, but most importantly you can start with any size balance you want. A clear sign of when a roulette product is scam or not is that they will generally ask you to deposit a large amount of money.

With roulette psychic you call all the shots, you decide how much you want to deposit, and you decide how much you want to bet.

It couldn’t be more simple – painfully simple yet ever so effective.

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