Roulette Psychic – A Real Review


Roulette Psychic – A Real Review


So here’s another Roulette Sniper wannabe…. Are so I thought at first. Last week I downloaded a product called Roulette Psychic. It’s marketed not a get rich scheme, or way to beat the casinos, but as a product that aids roulette players by keeping track of outside bets.


This got my attention, so I thought – hell why not, I’ll give it a go, but maybe its marketed like this to cover the creators backside if it doesn’t work.

I was pleasantly surprised after downloading it, as after reading the instructions the creator Sylvia Gumpert, gives you some excellent information. The most important and key element of what she says is that you need to calibrate this software using “Real Money Play” and not “Demo Play” as the casinos use 2 separate algorithms – so people setting up Roulette Psychic on demo play, won’t find it effective on real money play until they’ve set it up correctly.

She was right……

I’ve tested both on City Club Casino (which she demonstrates on the video on her site) and I set it up firstly on Demo Play – I started getting regular betting advice that kept coming in time after time, so then I deposited $50 and tried it will Real Money – and the first bet it offered didn’t come in for 5 spins.

So took her advice and set the bet triggers pretty high 9 on Red & Black, High & Low then 10 on Odds & Evens and 14 on Rows and 15 Columns.

I couldn’t believe how effective it was. Every bet came in bang on the money! At first I started betting small amounts $2 a bet then $10 a bet until it gave me the confidence to start betting with $200 and $300 which was bringing in double of triple returns for me.

I can’t rate this software enough, it takes you a while to get it set up, but once you’ve got it set up the casino will never know that you’re using software because everyone’s software is set up differently.

A truly great product worth double what she charges for it.

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