Roulette Killer – Automated Prediction Software That Works


roulette-killer-headerRoulette Killer – Automated Prediction Software That Works


Roulette Systems do NOT work, period. This software does!


Show you EXACTLY on what combinations to bet. This software is designed to win online european roulette wheel. Its just as simple as it sounds.. Watching the game for awhile , putting the live data gathered from the past 10 spins into the software, hitting the “calculate” button and VOILA following the software’s instructions for the next bet. Sounds simple and is simple.

Martingale strategies, reversed progression.. Jesus what bullshit. It all comes down to a good betting strategy following a proven path and bankroll management.

If you can master that you WILL walk away with profits regularly. you need to be smarter than the masses! If everyone is a sheep, you need to be the wolf. (apply those wise words to your living as well)



1.) Simplicity

Unlike so called “Roulette Systems”, there’s not much to do in the software apart from feeding it with data.. The goal here is raking in cash and there should be a proven and tested way to do it. What good are parameters to set if they mess up the money making mechanics?

2.) Algorithms

The software calculates over 100 factors in the background, filters them and spits out the most accurate prediction. Unlike real casino trips mk5 randomizers have certain weaknesses and believe it or not.. some nr combinations come out more often than others. Backtested data & more important results show this.

3.) Results

UNCUT and REAL videos of people earning thousands of dollars.


Over 100 probability calculations done per spin
New algorithms, predict the tables next Spin
Based on over 8 years of gathered data
Exploits MD5 randomizer software weaknesses
Over 2 years in development
Polished bug free product
100% spyware and virus free

This my friend is a NO-Brainer. A way to earn a steady 1000- 15,000 usd a month for the cost of a meal & a coke ??? With a full money back guarantee shouldn`t you be able to use the step by step instructions?

How about downloading the Roulette Killer Software straight away and start making money within 10 minutes?

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Roulette Killer – Automated Prediction Software That Works