Romance Rewind – Get Your Ex Back Online Course


Romance Rewind – Get Your Ex Back Online Course


It’s not your fault… at one time or another, we’ve all found ourselves painfully aware that the love we once shared, with that “Special Someone,” is no more.…

What you do next, will forever decide whether the love you’ve lost is on pause or gone forever!

You’re old enough to know that love like this doesn’t happen everyday. You’re kicking yourself for not paying close enough attention to the problems in your relationship and now you feel helpless…

But all is not lost.

Your Solution

romance-rewind-bundle First step – STOP doing the dumb stuff: Yeah I said it… stop shooting yourself in the foot.

To some it may seem obvious but you’re panic stricken, in our haste to stop uncomfortable feelings, you sometimes do things that you later wish you hadn’t. Here are the top 7 things you should STOP doing IMMEDIATELY:

– Play games and acting uninterested-USING the Fictitious 30 day NO CONTACT RULE- can do extreme harm
– Trying to persuade your “ex” with bribes or SEX
– Promising your “ex” that you’ll change without having a step by step plan in place to effect said change
– Begging or over giving to make your “ex” see that you’re different, when you really aren’t yet
– Spending your precious time reacting to them instead of re-attracting them
– Browbeating your “ex” with “I love you’s” in hopes that they will say it back
– Seeing your “ex” as the enemy and feeling that you have defeat them so that you can win in the relationship


You wouldn’t cook a gourmet meal, go back to college or build your dream home without a plan, yet somehow you believe that you can get your “ex” back and have an amazing relationship without one. No winging it is not a plan! As a matter of fact, if your making contact with your “ex” that doesn’t have a deeper purpose and is positively influencing you are doing MORE HARM than good.

Just like a quality meal, it takes just the right ingredients mixed in a specific order to net the best results. Your relationship’s no different. The problem to date is you have been giving your recipe way too much salt and not enough flour making your dish taste like crap! You both have. It’s time that you get a plan than makes your meal scrumptious, savory and succulent. Having a great plan that includes: a positive mindset, a confident demeanor combined with the insight to what makes your “ex” melt is exactly what you need.

An effective plan will bring you peace of mind. As soon as you understand how the plan relates to you and your “ex” you’ll feel infinitely better. It’ll be like magic. You’ll start to feel safe in the fact that you are not all over the place, running one negative thought after another not knowing fact from fiction. Implementing my system will produce rapid, positive and dramatic results that will give you that daily piece of mind and comfort that has recently eluded you.

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Romance Rewind – Get Your Ex Back Online Course