Rocket Japanese Premium: Learn to Speak the Language Fast!


Rocket Japanese Premium: Learn to Speak the Language Fast!


Rocket Japanese Premium: Learn to Speak the Language Fast!” learning program is a great resource of learning the Japanese language and it will prove useful whether you are going to visit Japan or interested in the language for other reasons. The program has been put together by Sayaka Matsuura. Here is a description of the program.

Component 1: Learn to Speak Confidently, Naturally, and Fluently with your 31-lesson Interactive Audio Course

The 31 tracks in the Interactive Audio Course will enable you to become a confident and natural speaker. The tracks average over 20 minutes in length each, so you get over 12 hours of audio lessons that you can listen to any time you like. They cover everything that you need to know to become an active member of the community. You learn things like introducing yourself to moving about in public transportation and much more. More Sample Tracks: Along with the lessons you also get the transcripts of the conversations in rōmaji, Japanese characters (Hiragana and Katakana), and English translation to make the learning process more convenient.

Component 2: Grammar and Culture Lessons

This component includes 31 illustrated Grammar and Culture Lessons which are available in the Learning Lounge (This is where you will find your course material). The course includes examples and tips that teach you how to say the right words at the right time. It also has instructions on learning written Japanese.

Component 3: MegaVocab Software Learning Game

The MegaVoca software allows you to build your vocabulary with the help of over 1000 words. There are 20 topics in this program. MegaVocab also has a tool called the MegaVocab Creator, which lets you add pictures and words.

Component 4: MegaAudio Software Learning Game

Most people find it hard to interpret spoken langauage. With the MegaAudio game you can learn to recognize over 1000 words in an very short duration.

Component 5: MegaHiragana Software Learning Game

MegaHiragana has been designed for students looking to get a good understanding of written Japanese. Hiragana character is used for representing the sounds that make it up, and is the core of the writing system. With MegaHiragana students get introduced to the hiragana character set in a way that makes recognition and memorization an easy process.

Component 6: Learner’s Forum and Support

You have the option to send an email or post a message on the ‘Members Only’ Japanese Learner’s Forum, where you will get an answer from a team teachers, native speakers, and other people who are learning it just like you.

This program will enable you to become a confident speaker and good writer of Japanese language. The package is priced $99.95 for the instant download and the Hardcopy 20-CD pack is for $ 49.95. The whole package comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

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Rocket Japanese Premium: Learn to Speak the Language Fast!