Revolutionary Rehab Manual: How To Recover from Injury or Illness


Revolutionary Rehab Manual: How To Recover from Injury or Illness


Finally: A Doctor who reveals the TRUTH about ‘How To’ Properly Recover from an Injury or Illness in a manner that’s Safe, Affordable, and Easy-to-follow!

Being sick and injured is not very fun. It usually leads to time, money and energy being lost, which could be better invested in something else that you really enjoy doing, such as spending time with loved ones, being out in nature, working, playing your favorite sport or game, taking a vacation, or just simply relaxing at home. We all know that health care costs are probably not going down anytime soon. Also, as you may have noticed, insurance companies seem to be paying for less and less these days!

Introducing… Revolutionary Rehab Manual: How To Recover from Injury or Illness

This innovative guide was designed to help you recover quickly from various health challenges (such as pain and inflammation, injuries, illnesses, diseases, or poor health conditions), as well as just simply improve your overall health and well-being for that matter–and in a way that’s safe, affordable, and easy-to-follow! The information in this manual has helped thousands of people of all ages successfully heal, prevent injuries, and stay well. Honestly, this manual could not only change your life, it may even SAVE IT!

Here are just some of the benefits reported by users of Revolutionary Rehab Manual: How To Recover from Injury or Illness:

1. Decreased overall pain and suffering!
2. Healthy weight loss and improved body image!
3. Faster recovery from injuries and illnesses; as well as injury prevention!
4. Healing of chronic disease and poor health conditions!
5. Improved awareness and self-confidence about healing your own body!
6. More beauty and youthful appearance!
7. More energy and improved feelings of overall well-being!
8. Significantly reduces the risk of future injuries and illnesses!
9. Improved strength, endurance, flexibility and sports performance!
10. It’s effective and affordable – no expensive equipment to buy and healing results felt immediately!

Here’s what Revolutionary Rehab Manual: How To Recover from Injury or Illness will reveal:

  • The BEST time to start a rehab program, so that you heal correctly right from the start!
  • The 10 Key Principles of Rehabilitation that MUST be followed to get optimal healing results.
  • The “health essentials” – What they are, and how to apply them correctly so that you don’t waste your precious time suffering, instead of getting well.
  • The Natural Laws of Healing (including the “Golden Law of Healing”). Once you understand these healing secrets you are bound to feel better!
  • The “significant seven” questions that should always be considered before beginning any type of rehabilitation program. Asking yourself these simple questions will help you avoid common healing pitfalls.
  • A different look at the concepts of health and disease, which will completely transform how you approach healing of an injury or illness forever!
  • One of the BEST ways to manage pain and inflammation. (The answer may surprise you.)
  • Why a counter-intuitive approach to health and healing can be often the best approach. You may actually be doing more harm than good if you don’t understand this concept.
  • The various health and healing factors that can motivate and inspire you. Without utilizing these things correctly, you may have a long and unpleasant journey ahead of you.
  • What foods you SHOULD, and SHOULDN’T eat during the healing process. This one factor can make all the difference in your results!
  • Why a rehab program MUST reach you mentally, physically, and spiritually if an optimal healing outcome is desired.
  • Is “prevention” really a flawed concept? Learn its true meaning so that you can take full control of your health and healing.
  • Why evidence-based treatment is important, but not the only important factor in a properly designed health and healing regimen.
  • The significance of the ‘illusion of cure’. Understanding this one important concept will catapult your healing efforts towards success!
  • A Question & Answer Section with Dr. SAM that will definitely open your eyes and help transform the way you view health and healing on all levels.
  • Are high blood pressure and high cholesterol dangerous, or are they really life-saving conditions? The answer to this question as well as many more can be found within the pages of this valuable resource.
  • How to establish good “healing relationships,” so that you minimize frustration and avoid delaying the healing process.
  • You will meet the “Greatest Healer of All Time,” and what she has taught Dr. SAM about healing the body in an optimal manner.
  • Practical and safe ways to manage stress, fix poor posture and alignment, and avoid pain while exercising and improving your fitness levels, so that you can live to your fullest potential.
  • One simple strategy that can help you MELT AWAY unwanted BODY FAT and achieve healthy weight loss. You will laugh once you realize how EASY this is.
  • The “Dome of Life” – Where to find it, and how to use it to significantly transform your health and well-being.
  • There may be a serious threat to your health that is literally “right under your nose.” You’ll discover what it is and how to fix it.
  • You will find out what dirty little four-letter word Dr. SAM often uses to motivate his patients and clients when their health and healing results are less than optimal. This strategy works almost every time its applied.
  • Is there really a cure for the common cold? You’ll find out after reading this manual.
  • You will discover the “Easy 18 Heath Excuses” people use to not change their health. More importantly, you will learn how to overcome such obstacles by answering one simple question.
  • You will learn the significance of including the “F-Factor” in the rehabilitation process. Including this component can totally amplify your healing results!
  • A section containing over 100 scientific references and resources that spans 150 years; as well as where to find one of the “best laboratories” for answering all your healing questions and needs.
  • You will learn the 5 Key Points of Health & Healing that Dr. SAM has utilized to maximize success with his patients and clients. This one page that is in bullet-point format is well worth the price of the manual alone!

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Revolutionary Rehab Manual: How To Recover from Injury or Illness