Revolution Wing Chun Kung Fu Downloadable Video Tutorial Series



Revolution Wing Chun Kung Fu Downloadable Video Tutorial Series


Want to Learn Wing Chun – But Don’t Know Where To Start?

Don’t Have a Credible Instructor to Learn From – or Frustrated By Your Lack of Progress in Class?

Want To Take Your Techniques To the Next Level?

Want To Try It At Home Before You Commit To Classes?

No matter where you are in your training – whether you’re brand new to the art, seeking to refine your current skills – or even wanting to learn on the road, these videos can help you master the art of Wing Chun self defense!

wing-chun-bundleThese Videos Are:

  • Downloadable To Your Computer – Be training in minutes!
  • Completely Yours – Once they’re downloaded you can watch them anytime, anywhere – you don’t need an Internet connection or video streaming.
  • Step-By-Step – These videos are easy to follow with menus so you can choose to work the areas you need most when you need it.
  • Easy To Follow – I use 2 different colored arm-bands and multiple camera angles to make it easier for you to follow along and learn.
  • Transferable – Once downloaded to your computer, you can use the iTunes program to transfer the video to your iPhone or Tablet for on-the-go learning!
  • Educational – You’ll learn how to avoid the common mistakes most students make, how to generate greater force and disable an attacker at lightning fast speeds!

After these videos, you’ll look like you’ve trained for years! This training will fast-forward your education and save you hours of learning in class. So even if you go to class, after watching these videos, you’ll get even more out of your class time!

Introducing The Revolution Wing Chun Downloadable Video Series

This package is over 8 hours of training – including the 3 Wing Chun empty hand forms videos (Sil Lim Tao, Chum Kiu and Biu Ji), 3 applications and drills videos as well as the 2 Chi Sau Beginner and Advanced techniques videos.

Wing Chun that will work in a true self-defense situation, not some flowery techniques that look cool but will get you killed in a real life situation.

All of these videos come with a no-questions, no-quibble, 60 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you decide this information isn’t right for you, just contact me by email at any time within 60 days, and I’ll refund your money.

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Revolution Wing Chun Kung Fu Downloadable Video Tutorial Series