Rethinking Your Eczema Routine


Rethinking Your Eczema Routine 


If you are like most sufferers you settled into an eczema routine long ago and have diligently followed it ever since. Most believe they are doing the best they can for their skin and you probably do as well. However, are you really sure you’re giving your skin everything it needs to heal?

Of course you believe you are doing the best you can, but is it really true? When is the last time you examined your routine? Is your routine overdue for an overhaul?

Routines are normally established shortly after the initial eczema diagnosis. Although it may change a little over time, yours is still probably the same basic process. They use the same therapies, same treatments, and possibly even the same doctor. In doing this, they also fall into the many common mistakes of sufferers.

Mistake #1: Outdated Techniques

Every year, we learn more and more about eczema. We learn more about why it happens and, most importantly, how to correct it. We know more now than ever before. So, why are you still using a routine based on knowledge several years or even decades old?

We used to think it was caused by dry skin. So, the main part of your routine probably includes lathering on oily lubricants. Unfortunately, we know now oily moisturizers block the skin’s natural ventilation, they trap in foreign contaminants, clog pores and they smother the skin.

It is the immune system’s reaction to allergens and irritants. You may have already known it was related to allergies and have covered your home in allergen free items. If your eczema is still flaring up it is clear you do not have the answer. Allergens and irritants can sometimes be unavoidable; from the food you eat to the air your breath, so now we also prioritize restoring immune health internally in addition to trigger control.

Mistake #2 Choosing Between Science and Nature

Many of the older techniques were based on either a traditional medicine approach or a homeopathic alternative. In choosing between the two methods, you have short changed the effectiveness of your routine. We now know the best solution combines expertise from both the traditional and the natural.

For example, science has shown us which vitamins and minerals give our immune systems the best boost. However, traditional medicine has frequently ignored their own findings and pushed the use of steroids to quickly reduce swelling and clear up the flare up without addressing the immune system roots of the problem. Even worse, these expensive steroids thin and compromise our skin leaving us vulnerable to future flare ups.

Natural alternatives typically protect the skin, but often overlook the science of skin structure and immune function. They fall short because they do not include both a skin conditioner and immune therapy. Frequently, natural routines do not offer a logical approach to eczema trigger identification and avoidance. While natural routines are generally more effective than traditional ones, most could use science-based tweaks and be far more successful than they are.

Mistake #3 Treating the Symptoms Not the Problem

When it comes down to it, this is the fundamental flaw with most eczema routines. You wake up one morning and notice a flare up coming on. You start lathering up with conditioners. If you had fallen out of routine during a period of clear skin, you double up on your efforts to take care of your skin. Perhaps you call the doctor for a new prescription.

All of this is fine, if you simply want to chase symptoms the rest of your life. But, you don’t want to chase symptoms do you? You want to be free of symptoms. This is where the new e-book, Eczema Free can help you.

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Is your routine outdated? Is it really helping your skin? Are you really happy with your results? If your answers leave you feeling any doubt, it is time to make some changes.

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