Restaurant Dining Room Service Training Manual


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The primary factor that separates successful restaurants from those that struggle, is the level of service that is provided to the customer.

Sure, the location, menu and marketing play a part, but the most successful restaurants all have one thing in common…

They provide customer service which exceeds their customer’s expectations!

Why is this so vital?

Well, consider these statistics from the White House Office of Consumer Affairs in Washington, DC…

For every complaint you’re aware of, there are 26 additional customers who have unresolved problems or complaints…

A dissatisfied customer will tell 9 to 15 people about their displeasure and sometimes they will tell as many as 20.

On the other hand, this same group also found…

Up to 96% of customers would do business with you again if they felt you acted quickly and to their satisfaction and many said they would refer other people.

On average, happy customers will tell 4-6 people about their positive experience.

The Fact Is…

Businesses that provide extraordinary customer service can improve their profitability, increase market share and will have customers who are willing to pay more for their products and services simply because of the extraordinary service they receive.

Think about it…

Why do people “eat-out?”

Most do it because they want to escape the “realities” of their everyday life. They want to escape the labors associated with cooking at home…

  • The preparation, the cooking and the inevitable clean-up that’s required.
  • They want to be pampered a bit…
  • They want to be served.

Here’s The Bottom Line…

Improving the customer service in your restaurant will help you make more money and experience more growth. It can also help you save a significant amount of money in advertising costs as your customers will become your most effective form of advertising.

Anyone involved in advertising or marketing a restaurant knows three things…

  • Word-of-mouth marketing is by far the best kind (& it’s free)
  • It’s far more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one
  • Happy customers return time-and-again and will refer you to family and friends

Introducing… How to Improve Dining Room Service


In detail, this Restaurant Dining Room Service Training Manual shows you how to make immediate improvements in:

  • Front Door and Reservation Desk Duties
  • Seating Maximization and Efficiency
  • Dining Room Preparation and Organization
  • Dining Room Awareness and Functionality
  • Menu Knowledge and Effective Upselling
  • Service Staff Scheduling Requirements
  • Traffic Flow Guidelines
  • Sanitary Rules and Advice
  • Safety Information
  • Customer Service Satisfaction Concepts

In this Awesome Book, you will also find:

  • Basic Training Manuals for each Restaurant Position:
  • Waiter Training Manual
  • Bartender Training Manual
  • Busser Training Manual
  • Food Runner Training Manual
  • Host/Ma├«tre d Training Manual (Chapter #1)
  • Basic Learning Sheets for Menu Knowledge and Upselling
  • Basic Cocktail Learning Sheet
  • Food Preparation Methods & Menu Upselling Methods
  • Learning Sheet
  • Mandatory Forms for All Restaurant Staff:
  • Job Application Form
  • Employee Disciplinary Form
  • and Much More!

The Results Are Astounding!

You’ll find your restaurant runs smoother, your customers and staff happier, and realize greater profitability through higher sales and increased business.

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Restaurant Dining Room Service Training Manual