Residential Real Estate Development Business Made Easy Guide


Residential Real Estate Development Business Made Easy Guide


Are You A Frustrated Developer?

What you’re about to discover is the equivalent to having a key to Fort Knox and making off with as much gold as you can carry.

And NOW is the perfect time to LEARN this fantastic business.

FINALLY, here is an opportunity to get your hands on the “money-getting” real estate development system known as Residential Real Estate Development Business Made Easy Guide that only the top professional developers know.

And guess what?

If you think making money in development is hard… you won’t feel that way after today.


Simply because this book delivers “head-shaking” results for rank beginners all the way to veterans.

In fact, the astonishing results people have achieved around the world over the past 5 years using this unique system is proof that it works spectacularly well in the hands of a wide range of people all fired with the same burning ambition to achieve.

And get this…

It is so powerful you’ll enter your first project without having to buy the land … well that’s how professionals do it … and that’s only the beginning.

How confident would you feel starting your first project knowing every step of the way is mapped out for you? Not hard to answer, that one eh?

It Will Take You From Where You Are To Where You Want To Go… In Record Time!

Do you see the HUGE amount of control you’ll now have? Gone are the days of frustration and failure. When you plug into this system and follow it – you WILL NOT FAIL!

Regardless of where you’re at today, you’re only a few steps away from running a right-side business.

Isn’t that exciting to think about? Are you beginning to realize that this isn’t some pipe dream? This guide makes this very doable.

Exactly What’s Included In This Guide:

  • Being A Professional Developer
  • A Developer’s No. 1 Subject
  • The Market Big Picture
  • Where To Get Your Local Market Data
  • Market Research
  • Don’t Tell Me To Research Colm. Tell Me How To Do It…
  • With Land Values
  • With Lenders
  • With Other Members of the Team
  • With Real Estate Agents – Brokers
  • With Design Consultants
  • With Builders
  • Design Team Members
  • The Architect
  • The Structural Engineer
  • The Real Estate Agent
  • The Civil Engineer
  • The Hydraulic Engineer
  • The Quantity Surveyor
  • The Electrical Engineers
  • Start the Developing Process
  • Architect Design Brief
  • First Preliminary Design Meeting
  • Second Preliminary Design Meeting
  • Application Focus
  • Third Preliminary Design Meeting
  • Feasibility Study
  • Cash Flow Work Sheet
  • Feasibility Study Explanation
  • Feasibility Study Collection Sheet
  • Actual Costs as % of TCC & Sales Income
  • Feasibility Study Work Sheet Analysis
  • Application Preparation
  • Finance Application & Template
  • How the Development Finance Business Works
  • Preliminaries To Making An Application
  • Finance Application Template – Supplied.
  • Finance Application Template Explanation
  • Development Program
  • Land Settlement/Closing
  • Detailed Design Starts
  • Construction Preliminaries
  • Construction Costing
  • Types of Construction Contracts
  • Construction Cost Bid / Tender Process
  • Construction Price & Time Presentation
  • Construction Starts
  • BA Issued – Construction Starts
  • Construction Program
  • Marketing of Building
  • Advertising & Sales of Units Sales Contracts Advertising
  • Managing Your Sales Campaign
  • Sales Meeting Agenda
  • Sales Closure/Settlement
  • Construction Ends
  • Final Inspections
  • Building Handover Procedures
  • Final Payments
  • Finishing Touches

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Residential Real Estate Development Business Made Easy Guide