Repurposing Speaking Skills – Using Your Voice to Affect Change



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Repurposing Speaking Skills – Using Your Voice to Affect Change

Five step to success concept which include goal, plan, action. Stairway and red carpet could represent step by step process of building career, self development, business to success, achievement and victory

Each step to success requires conviction and motivation, which is a product of purpose.

How much would it be worth to be able to hand members of your audience a magnet that could attract all the conviction and motivation they need to achieve their goals?

Priceless! Unfortunately, millions of speakers do not realize that every person within the sound of their voice have this magnet in their possession. They attempt to motivate their audience without helping them to turn their “Motivation Magnet” on to drive the activities that lead to success.

As a result, many people start the climb to success, but along the way, their goals lose steam as dreams are met with resistance from real life events. Only a few reach a level of success that most people dream about, which has brought the speaking industry to a crossroad.

Speakers can no longer settle for speeches that play on the emotions of their audience, but have no voice beyond the moment. Motivation is being derailed on every turn, and individuals need solutions on how to overcome the many dream killers in their life. Today’s talks must be crafted in a way to attract the motivation the audience need, long after hearing your voice!

Help others find their Motivation Magnet!

Help your audience turn purpose into their most valuable resource for motivation.

Now you can transform your talks into a “Motivation Magnet”, by leveraging 15,000 plus hours of mastering the secrets on how to speak to the appetite for purpose.

Every generation requires speakers who can accurately speak to the purpose of that generation. Without the influence to move individuals to a higher place of purpose, our society will continue to slip into a purposeless abyss that drives a dysfunctional character and shattered dreams. This Repurposing your Speaking Skills course will reveal the secrets on how to transform any talk into a “Motivation Magnet”. It will allow you to affect change by helping others create new patterns of purpose for personal and professional success.

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There’s nothing worse than being free and having an incarcerated purpose. The reason why many people lack the motivation they need to achieve success is because purpose is trapped inside like a prisoner.

As a result, people are growing weary of empty success secrets that does not speak to their appetite for purpose, and inspirations for faith that doesn’t help them leave their mark in the world.

The state of the human soul is a clarion call to all speakers to repurpose their talks, speeches, or messages. The inability to speak to the appetite for purpose has left audiences lean in purpose and destitute for motivation to achieve.

Repurposing Speaking Skills – Using Your Voice to Affect Change will:

  • Help you to empower your audience to transition from a desert wasteland, to greener pastures that feed their appetite for purpose.
  • Empower your talks to become instrumental in helping members of your audience to attract motivation to achieve new heights as a person and as a professional.

Why should you take this course?

When it comes to speaking to the purpose of a generation, your time and experience in the speaking industry is not as important as your insight to giving individuals purpose-oriented solutions for successful living. There are a lot of voices in the world and you must remember that at the end of the day, people are looking for the voice that will provide solutions to their challenges.

If you desire to:

– Transform any talk into a motivation magnet
– Use your voice to affect change
– Rediscover your mouth as an instrument for purpose
– Add more value to your talks
– Train to speak like a champion in purpose
– Master the art of speaking beyond speech mechanics
– Help move your audience to a higher place of purpose
– Improve your speaking skills to help your audience achieve more
– Discover how to speak to the purpose of our generation with pinpoint accuracy
– Know the difference between a standing ovation and a standing purpose
– Discover how to help your audience put your content into action
– Discover the five basic forms of communications that all speakers must know

This course is for you…

If you are:

– A business leader who desire to affect the bottom-line performance of your team
– An aspiring speaker who simply want to find your voice and know how to use purpose to increase your speaking abilities
– A civic leader who desire to affect change within your community
– A ministry leader who desire to minister to the appetite for purpose beyond purpose pep rallies
– A life coach who desire to help your clients achieve more results in their quest to conquer their goals
– A youth leader who desire to start a movement of purpose among the youth
– A politician who desire to build a platform of purpose to affect change
– An educator who desire to enhance the education experience of your students
– An author who desire to know how to write with the voice of purpose

Course outline:

Repurposing your Speaking Skills is a course that’s designed to help you rewrite the codes for motivating your audience for change. It includes new models of understanding the art of speaking that will help you blow a fresh wind of purpose over your audience. This course contains written and oral components to help you master the skills for speaking to the purpose of our generation.

Your journey will consist of five Apprenticeship Levels that’s designed to strategically help you use your voice to affect change. The average length of each audio session is 15 minutes.

Here’s what you will receive in Repurposing Speaking Skills – Using Your Voice to Affect Change:

  • A 36 page PDF course manual with thought-provoking exercises designed specifically for helping you to fine-tune your voice to affect change
  • 24 highly motivational MP3 audio trainings that you can download to walk you through a step-by-step process of transforming any talk into a Motivation Magnet
  • Quality content backed with the Seal of Originality and world class product support. If you have any questions, you can reach our support team at [email protected]
  • Immediate delivery so you can start your training today
  • This training is only available for English speaking customers
  • You will also receive a FREE bonus training

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Repurposing Speaking Skills – Using Your Voice to Affect Change