Repairing Your Laptop with Your Own Hands – A Basic Guide


Repairing Your Laptop with Your Own Hands – A Basic Guide

By Thomas James, Author of Laptop Repair Made Easy


In this age of modular computers, laptop repair is easy-at least if you know exactly what you’re doing. Many of the components of a laptop, including even the motherboard and RAM, and even the hard drive, are completely modular and can simply be detached and lifted out of the laptop. This makes laptop repair a very simple job, just so long as you make sure that you understand the manual. Another thing that you should do when repairing your laptop is to carefully make notes about where each thing goes as you dismantle the device. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and it is impossible for anyone who is not a qualified technician to remember where all the intricate parts, screws and components that make up the average laptop go.

If the connector within the laptop uses specific settings, you need to make careful notes of those settings as well. A set of precision tools, such as jewelers or watchmakers use, can also only be helpful. Remember that most parts that fail within a laptop require a simple replacement, and if you can manage to do this yourself instead of hauling the laptop over to a professional, you can save yourself a considerable amount of money in technician’s fees.

It’s specially recommended that you go in for this considering what I already described of the essentially modular nature of laptop components. Why should you pay a technician to do a job that essentially consists of no more than simply undoing one or two and catches, and lifting out one component and replacing it with another. This is essentially what much of laptop repair today consists of.

Let’s discuss in brief different aspects of laptop repair that a user should commonly be capable of. One thing that can cause problems with booting your system is a faulty RAM chip. This is easy to handle, and usually just involves replacing the RAM.

There is a panel underneath the laptop that gives access to the RAM, and you will need to unscrew this panel. Beneath, you will find the RAM, held in place by two clips. Release these clips, and the RAM will come up in your hands, after which replacing it is a simple enough matter. Replacing your hard drive or optical drive is a similarly simple process. Consult your user manual for details and remember what I’ve said about taking careful notes when you try your hand at laptop repair and disassembly.

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