Remove Cat Urine From Carpet


Remove Cat Urine From Carpet


There are many products available on the market today for removing cat urine from carpet. The question is, are any of them worth the money?

Among the best available is one called Nature’s Miracle. This product is guaranteed to remove urine stains and odors from carpet.

In my experience, it even works remarkably well on older stains.

Nature’s Miracle is something called an enzymatic cleaner. It essentially breaks down the compounds in cat urine that are responsible for the smell.

The importance of removing cat urine from carpet as soon as possible cannot be overstated. Aside from the offensive smell in your home, it is also a signal to your cat that this is an acceptable place to pee.


The sooner you can thoroughly clean the area that your cat has been peeing, the sooner you can get on with getting your cat back to using the litterbox.

A word of warning when using Nature’s Miracle to remove cat urine from carpet:

When you first apply the solution to the area, the smell is going to be even worse than before you used it. This is just a product of the enzymes breaking down the organic compounds in the urine. Once the product has dried, all remnants of the urine smell should be gone.

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