Red Eared Slider Care Guide


red-eared-slider-secrets-headerRed Eared Slider Care Guide

Experts On Red-Eared Sliders All Around The World Agree Your Red-Eared Slider May Not Be Getting The Care It Needs If:

It swims in an irregular manner, such as unevenly, in circles or upside-down, known as listing
You notice changes in its eating habits
It has slimy, stinking faeces
You notice blood from the cloaca
It is vomiting anything other than food from a recent meal, especially if frequent
It seems to be constipated
You notice parasites on it, such as leeches or liver flukes
It eats normally, yet fails to maintain or gain weight
It looks swollen or overweight
You notice pink or red coloring on its shell
You see patches of white fluff or white spots on its shell or skin

Did you acquire your pet with no intention of researching the animal and following up on instructions from the pet shop?

Were you under the impression that this pet is an inexpensive pet?

Stop worrying whether you are doing everything right and learn the proper way to care for your pet! It is time to take advantage of…

All of the strategies and techniques in this book are not simply a bunch of theories. They are based on several years of experience!

Would you prefer to spend your days worrying about your pet, whether you are providing it with the best possible care…or would you like to have this valuable guide on hand to teach you everything you need to know and what to do in every possible situation?


This guide is written with the home owner in mind, so you can expect it to be totally practical and not get to deep into details regarding extensive knowledge or sophisticated equipment.

The Red-Eared Slider can live for up to fifty years in captivity. If you already have one or you are thinking about buying one…then you should plan to have it in your life for the next fifty years.

Throughout those fifty years, you will need to be a responsible pet owner and give your pet a comfortable place to live. Yet, this is not something that is going to come easily…or inexpensively. Just purchasing an enclosure and furnishing it can cost you hundreds of dollars.

You need to consider just how much money you plan to spend on:

An enclosure for your pet
Supplies such as lighting, heating and entertainment for your pet
Equipment for breeding
And much, much more…

Obviously, owning a Red-Eared Slider is not a cheap endeavor. However, if you use the methods in this book, you will be able to save money on supplies, food, enclosures and more by learning from expert breeders just like me.

Simply having access to this information is going to save you time and money!

Taking proper care of your pet and knowing the best ways to handle it will save you hundreds of dollars in vet bills alone, not to mention the pain and heartache if your beloved pet should die.

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Red Eared Slider Care Guide