Red Eared Slider – An Exotic Pet


Red Eared Slider – An Exotic Pet


Red eared sliders can make charming pets and life long friends. They are fun to watch and can live long if proper care is taken. They are both inimitable and fascinating. If you are keen to bring this cute little pet home, then you must prepare yourself and your house for this additional new member. You must keep an important thing in mind before the purchase that the cute tiny hatchlings will grow into huge, long-lived and most importantly, somewhat messy turtles.

If you are a red ear slider enthusiast and are impatiently waiting for one to befriend then there are some things that you must know before getting one as a pet.

Those Little Hatchlings Will Turn Huge!

Did you know that these delicate-looking turtles grow to an adult size of up to 12 inches? Even though they take a few years to grow to their full adult size, you must still realize that your red eared slider will require a very large space in your house. Do not make the mistake of buying a little tank for the turtle and count on approximately 10 gallons per inch of the turtle.

Red Eared Sliders Live Long

The expected life of a red eared slider is up to 40 years or so. When buying the turtle, do remember that you are committing yourself to take care of the turtle over its entire lifespan. Moreover, you need to make sure that your turtle do not get out into the wild when it gets older. They will suffer badly in the cold.

Don’t Make the Mistake of Keeping Red Eared Sliders in Little Plastic Bowls

Don’t listen to the salesperson if they tell you that you can keep your red eared slider in plastic bowls, because if you do, then your cute hatchling turtle will not thrive in the little bowl. What you must do is, get appropriate housing equipments / tools for the turtle according to the number of turtles, and their size.

Red Eared Sliders Are Food Lovers- Watch Out!

The fun part about these turtles is that they love food. The moment they see you bring the food, they will get excited. However, obesity is a big problem in turtles and you must not over feed them. They will do crazy acts to make you feed them. They will swim back and forth recklessly but don’t be fooled by it and simply enjoy their acts.

Mess, Mess. Red Eared Sliders Are Messy!

Just like every other turtle, red eared sliders make a lot of waste which can make the tank smelly and algae can grow in it. Cleaning the tank should be your top priority. Your tank must have a filter that is rated for 2-3 times the amount of water of the tank. You must also feed your turtle in a container of water outside the tank.

Raising a red eared turtle is not easy and therefore, requires a lot of effort. One of the best turtle books is ‘Red Eared Slider Secrets’ by Chris Johnson. If you wish to keep your turtle under good care then you should have this highly recommended book in your hands.

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