Real Estate Bird Dog Vs. Real Estate Jobber


Real Estate Bird Dog Vs. Real Estate Jobber

by Barry


A real estate bird dog finds property leads for Real Estate Investors, and is paid a referral fee by the Investor. Real estate bird dogs and Real Estate Jobbers basically perform the same functions.

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It’s All About Risk

Some people broaden the perspective of a real estate bird dog to include placing properties under contract and then wholesaling the property to another Investor for a fee. This action actually makes the real estate bird dog a real estate wholesaler, and includes some financial risk for the real estate bird dog.

The real estate jobber uses a systematic approach to find leads for Investors. The real estate jobber will not place a property under contract and strictly concentrates on finding qualified leads. This saves Investors time and money. The real estate jobber will bear no financial risk.

A Real Estate Investor’s Best Friend

Real estate bird dogs and real estate jobbers are one in the same for the most part. Many Investors count on the contributions from real estate bird dogs and real estate jobbers. Finding qualified property leads is a very valuable service, that most Investors would love to have.

Saving Investors time and money should be the primary goal for the real estate bird dog and real estate jobber. Doing so will result in earning many excellent referral fees!

“A Rose by Any Other Name…”

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The terminology may differ in various parts of the country, or from Investor to Investor. But, the Real Estate Jobber course lays the groundwork to learn how to find the leads and provide the property information that Investors need.

The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter what you call yourself, as long as you can produce what your Investors want. The Real Estate Jobber course gives you what you need to succeed.

Real estate bird dog or real estate jobber? You decide.

Barry Grimes is a Certified Life Optimization Coach, Author of the Real Estate Jobber Course, Life Optimization After 50 and Success Affirmations for Life Optimization.

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