Real And Healthy Chinese Cooking: DIY Home Recipes Cookbook


Real And Healthy Chinese Cooking: DIY Home Recipes Cookbook


Some people don’t really understand how important eating healthy food is to us. Let’s look at some statement:

1. Over a billion people worldwide are now overweight and 300 million are clinically obese. People who are overweight have a higher risk of developing serious health problems in later life, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, type 2 diabetes, bowel cancer, and high blood pressure. Most people put on excess weight because their lifestyles include an unhealthy diet and a lack of physical activity.

2. According to Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, post-menopausal women may reduce their risk of developing cancer by 35% if they eat a healthy diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. This result was based on 29,564 post-menopausal women, aged 55-69 for a research period of 13 years.

3. People who ate three or more servings of fruit per day have 36% lower risk of developing the sight loss than people who ate less than one and a half servings per day. (According to Archives of Ophthalmology)

4. Eat low fat food regularly can reduce the chance of developing heart disease and certain cancers.

5. Calorie reduction can increase life expectancy by up to 30 percent

6.Vitamins can cut cancer death rates by 37%

7. Foods that contain the mineral selenium and plant-based chemical sulforaphane in combination may have a 13 times greater ability to protect against cancer than when the food compounds are used separately.

This list can go on and on.

Eat healthy and balanced food daily can protect us from developing major health problems like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure.

Chinese Food IS the Solution: Healthy & Balanced Food for You!

According to a survey held by the food industry,

  • 72.4% people think that this food is healthy
  • 89.3% people like this food
  • 67.8% people would like to cook this food if they know how

Before you start looking for vitamin pills or supplements, start eating a health and balanced diet from today.

Introducing…. Real And Healthy Chinese Cooking: DIY Home Recipes Cookbook
Over 500 Authentic and Healthy Recipes for Your Lifetime – Recipes with 173 Colorful Pictures

Chinese cuisine aims for perfection and balance among four elements in each dish: color, aroma or fragrance, flavor, and presentation. Colors should be pleasing, showing that the ingredients are fresh and tender. Aromas should be appetizing. Finally, the dish should be beautifully arranged and presented. Good cooking is also distinguished by its meticulous cutting, careful blending of seasonings, and attention to temperature control.

You will get 543 pages of over 500 recipes with 173 color pictures!

One Cookbook with All Styles in 4 Major Regions in China

Learn how to cook the most popular dishes from four major regions in China.

Beijing. Beijing cuisine is also called “mandarin cuisine”. Many of the foods in this region are wheat-based (as a opposed to rice-based). Beijing cuisine consists of a variety of dumplings, baked and steamed breads, various buns and noodles.

Mandarin-style meals usually include vegetable dishes, soups, tofu (soybean curd), and fish. The food is mild in taste, is often slightly oily, and vinegar and garlic are common ingredients; food is frequently fried, stewed, or braised.

Cantonese. From Canton or “Guangdong” Province in the southeastern part of China (the same area as Hong Kong), Cantonese food is the mildest and most common kind of food in the United States and many other countries.

Cantonese food tends to be more colorful, less spicy and is usually stir fried, which preserves both the texture and flavor.

Szechwan and Hunan. Food from the Szechwan (or “Four Rivers”) basin is characteristic south-western food. Food throughout the western regions of China are liberal in their use of garlic, scallions, and chilly. Consequently, it’s the spiciest region available and certainly very tasty. When prepared in a traditional manner, many of the dishes are very hot, although banquet dishes tend to be milder.

Sichuan food is distinguished by its hot peppery taste, while food from neighboring Hunan province is richer and a bit more oily, and may be either spicy and hot or sweet and sour. Chicken, pork, river fish, and shellfish are all popular items.

Choose your favorite dishes based on different styles. But never limit yourself from one style. You can always find wonderful dishes from every cooking style.

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Real And Healthy Chinese Cooking: DIY Home Recipes Cookbook