Raw Food Diet for Dogs and Cats


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Discover The Number One Secret Behind The Happiest, Healthiest & Most Well-Behaved Dogs & Cats In The World!!!

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Feed them their species appropriate diet that nature intended them to eat… Raw Meaty Bones!!

Yes, dogs & cats are carnivores, which means, they need to eat raw meat & raw bone every day in order to thrive!

They have been equipped with the perfect set of tools for the job. Sharp claws and teeth to rip into skin and flesh, and a powerful set of jaws to crunch through raw bone with ease!

Their digestive system is designed to break down raw bones and handle bacteria found in raw meats safely & effectively.

Just as a Kola Bear thrives on its species appropriate diet of eucalyptus leaves, your dog and cat will literally THRIVE & return to full balance, when you feed them their correct species appropriate diet!

Introducing “What Your Dog Is Begging For!”

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Feeding raw foods to cats and dogs is nothing new, in fact we were feeding this way for thousands of years before commercial pets foods come on the market.

It is in the last decade that we are beginning to realize just what a detrimental effect feeding commercially prepared processed and highly toxic foods had on our best friends.

This ETraining Manual not only teaches about natural pet diet and nutrition but will give helpful and expert advice about how to make savings on pet food bills, veterinary and behaviorist bills. It contains Special links to video training so you can learn by visual means too!

“What Your Dog is Begging For!” has helped cats and dogs all over the world to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle, and have introduced a new way of feeding their pets that the dogs and cats absolutely love and really beg for!

Raw Meaty Bones – Your Dog’s Best Friend!

This manual is a fully illustrated, quick and easy, step by step guide to transitioning your dog or cat, from a harmful processed pet food diet, to a natural, healthy and nutrient- rich diet of raw meaty bones, in the SAFEST and most successful way.

Many of the pet owners, who have been through this training, have reported some, if not all, of these benefits and improvements in their pet’s behavior…

No more fear, nervousness or anxiety
No more aggressive outbursts
No more hyperactivity or lack of focus
No more obsession with toys or personal items
No more running away or pulling on the lead
No more destruction to the home and garden

Plus, research has proven that feeding your dog or cat a raw meaty bones diet, can help clear up the following health conditions:

Skin Allergies & Coat Issues
Ear & Eye Infections
Digestion and Defecation Issues
Urinary Tract & Anal Gland Issues
Auto-Immune & Nervous System Issues
Heart & Blood Disorders
Cancer, Epilepsy, Thyroid Issues
Arthritis, Joint & Muscle Pain
Flea & Worm Control

So as you can see, there are a whole range of benefits to making the diet switch for your pet… and what’s more, feeding your pet as nature intended, will save you a fortune on the cost of pet products that do more harm than good.

In The Training Manual You’re Going To Learn:

What ingredients go into processed pet foods and why these ingredients can be harmful to your pet
Which vital & natural nutrients are left out of processed pet food
The common lies & myths about how, if you feed your pet raw meats & raw bones are dangerous for your pet.
The 2 vital steps to take before making any changes to your pet’s diet
Step by step guidance to transitioning your pet onto raw foods
Visual guidance with access to my special video training links
How to source, store and handle raw meaty bones safely
How to monitor your pet through its dietary changes
Why it is important to administer Natural Pet Vitality into to your pet’s daily diet
How to prevent and treat disease & extend your pet’s lifespan considerably
How to improve all areas of health and behaviour with raw foods
How by changing your pet’s diet, training will become much easier
How to save money on lifetime pet care bills
How to become so confident with raw feeding that you will be able to help others

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Raw Food Diet for Dogs and Cats