Raw Food Diet and Dog Pregnancy


Raw Food Diet and Dog Pregnancy


It’s been over a month since I last wrote about this, and I’m not sure if you remember, but we talked about Amy, my sister-in-law’s dog who was about to go into heat. I am very sad to report that Brenda, the dog, had (or has, since it’s still ongoing) a false pregnancy. As a dog owner, I’d heard of these, but since they hadn’t happened to my Shar-Pei, I never really gave it that much thought.

I just found out about Brenda yesterday. My sister-in-law said that when she went to see the vet, he reported that there was no puppy inside Brenda. Her body was just going through the motions of pregnancy even if she wasn’t pregnant. Kind of like a hysterical pregnancy for humans, but much worse because her stomach swelled and her nipples became tender. Though she became more affectionate, it pained Amy to know that Brenda will realize one day soon that no puppies are coming.

Amy asked the vet if the raw food diet could have caused this to happen. Contrary to what she thought the answer would be, the vet said no! He said that raw feeding can actually prevent false pregnancies! Similar to humans who eat right and maintain a proper weight, dogs who eat correctly are in the best position for becoming pregnant. Right now, however, we aren’t sure if Brenda just happens to be one of those dogs that cannot become pregnant or if this was just a failed attempt.

Anyway, I convinced Amy to buy a copy of Maggie Rhines’ “Going Rawr! Dog Lover’s Compendium” so that she can follow the raw dog food diet more closely. It’s a really easy diet to follow when you read Maggie’s book and go along with her system. Amy is going to keep Brenda on this diet, and we’re all going to cross our fingers so that the next time Brenda is in heat, we will get our puppies!