Rapid Japanese – Learn & Speak Essential Japanese in Just 30 Days


Rapid Japanese – Learn & Speak Essential Japanese in Just 30 Days


Rapid Japanese – Learn & Speak Essential Japanese in Just 30 Days is the ultimate fast track, no fluff crash course that guarantees you to speak essential Japanese in just 30 days. Not only that, it’s simple to follow and fun too!

rapid-japanese-coverInside you’ll learn:

  • To speak the language quickly in a wide range of useful topics – So you’ll never be stuck for words again!
  • How to pronounce words easily from native speakers – So you won’t have to feel embarrassed about not speaking properly
  • Effective ways to make your own sentences – Express yourself in any situation
  • Easy to follow exercises that ensure you remember what you have learned – So you can speak whenever you need without having to get out the phrase book!
  • Essential topics such as meeting people, shopping, eating out, sight seeing, interests, family, asking for directions
  • Clear and printable worksheet to follow visually – Keep track of your learning
  • Downloadable audio files you can listen to anywhere – Build your language skills at every opportunity
  • A powerful and logical 30 day structured course to ensure you are competent by the end – Simply follow the instructions and amaze yourself with your new language skill
  • Fun dialogue, speaking and culture tips and much more

This course was made the sure fire way to speak the language fast.

All it takes is an hour a day for 30 days. It’s simple, it’s fast and it works!

Some frequently asked questions:

Q – I’ve bought other courses before. How is this different to them?

A – This is focused on the core essentials so that you don’t waste time learning stuff you will never use. There is no filler so by 30 days you will be able to converse in a wide range of topics with ease.

Q – I don’t have time to learn a language. How does it help?

A – It requires only an hour a day for 30 days for you to finish the course. Of course you can take your time but all it takes is a simple routine to learn Japanese in 30 days.

Q – I’m no good at languages. Can this help me?

A – Absolutely! This is designed to be “fool proof”. The system helps you build up your vocabulary in a way so that sentences become easy to remember.

Q – What if I want to learn how to read and write?

A – This course is focused on speaking and listening. Reading and writing is a whole different skill set that requires a much longer timeframe and isn’t what everyone is looking for.

Q – Why can’t I learn the language from free resources on the internet?

A – Sure there are some free resources out there but does it give you the results you need?

This course has been carefully put together from hours of research, expert native speaker advice and guidance that ensures you don’t just learn a few phrases and forget them in a few days.

It actually builds up your core speaking and listening skills in a short amount of time using tried and tested methods to get you from zero to happy speaker as fast as possible.

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Rapid Japanese – Learn & Speak Essential Japanese in Just 30 Days