Raising Swans – 3 Secrets and Techniques in Keeping Them Healthy


Raising Swans – 3 Secrets and Techniques in Keeping Them Healthy


Swans – just by hearing the word makes you feel elegant inside. If we remember very well, they are always seen in fairytale movies and in real life nature escapades. Every pond you see in private properties has to have a horde of swans to complete the scenic view. Admit it or not, you always have that pure feeling within when you see them playing around with water or just floating peacefully amid the lake.

But how would you feel if one of them is wallowing over a disease? The everlasting look of it shuts off from there. The peaceful sanctuary caused by them might not be the place they want to live in anymore.

Thus, it’s always good to find better ways and techniques in keeping them. They can live for as long as 25 years. But because there is a lot of emerging diseases that occur in their nesting area, the average lifespan as of date has now turned into seven years. In keeping them safe and sound, you have to keep the following guidelines in mind:

1. A number of them are dying from swallowing poisons. Because swans love to wander around, they tend to find food along the way that has poisons in it. Also, some poisons come from the pond where they spend most of their time. The reason behind this is that this body of water can easily get polluted. In keeping them away from these, it is always best to have constant maintenance with their pond and give them the food they need so they won’t have to look around for it.

2. Most of the time, when parent swans find out that they have a sick cygnet, they cull it and keep it away from the healthy ones. Don’t worry, this is a natural behavior. The greatest thing you could do is to take care of the sick cygnet or bring it to the veterinarian.

3. There are a lot of emerging flu types around the world and most of them come from birds. If you are keeping them from foreign countries, it is best to watch out of their health first before you blend them with them.

If you have other unusual concerns about them, you can always ask from expert raisers.

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