Raising Pigeons Advanced Techniques


Raising Pigeons Advanced Techniques


Many times and more,year after year, fanciers from all over the world give their best to achieve the highest places in their performances ,for those who look deep in to the sport and study all the aspects of it, results never fail to appear ,for those who are doing the task only half way results are still much waited .

Knowledge and a very clear well detailed plan for the entire year is indeed very need it ,as in racing pigeons sport just like in every other sport and life in general, doing the right things according to a well detailed plan will definitely increase your chances in obtaining your goal whatever that may be.

The amount of time that you put in , but mostly what you do in that time for your birds ,will reflect in your results as a racer and breeder alike.

Winning a race will depend on a series of factors like:training ,motivation,feeding,loft design and management, the bird itself, all at their peak condition,and into all these factors the knowledge of the fancier will and must have much to say .

There are many ways for example in the way you can motivate a bird when you sent it to a race but only certain methods will bring the best out of the racer bird.

The basics are the same but you must not do what other people are doing and rather change things by observing your birds needs at the right time and even experimenting some times .

These extremely CRUCIAL important changes, in the way you must do things with your birds, i have explained them in the ….

Racing Pigeons Advanced Techniques Ebook


One hundred and forty pages divided in 5 main chapters will explain in detail how you can transform your results into something unheard off that will make even the old fanciers scratch their back of their head.

Chapter 1….Breeding and Pairing

– Pairings.
– When should we pair the stock birds.
– Matching the breeders and what to look for in our breeders.
– Inbreeding
– Crossbreeding.
– The winning formula.

Chapter 2….Old Birds Training and Racing Systems

– Old birds training
– Bringing the birds into shape.
– Training for short and middle distance races.
– Training for long and marathon distance races.
– Training during the racing season.
– Racing Systems
– The natural system for hens
– The natural system for cocks
– The widowerhood system.
– The jealousy system.

Chapter3…..Young Birds Training

– Young birds training
– The Darkness system explained
– How to make your birds answer when called
– How to teach your birds to trap
– Basket training methods
– How to teach your birds to eat and drink from the basket
– Young birds training program
– Young birds training program during the racing season

Chapter 4….Young Birds Racing

– Young birds racing system
– Preparing for race
– Returned from the race
– The crucial importance of keeping notes about each bird
– Birds classification

Chapter 5….Feeding Secrets

– Food composition
– Feeding the breeders
– Young birds feeding
– Feeding for short distance races
– Feeding for long distance races
– Feeding during the moulting season
– Winter feeding
– Returning from the race
– Special ingredients

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