Rabbit Training Techniques Guide Book


Rabbit Training Techniques Guide Book


Finally, Simple Tips and Techniques Show You How To Become an Expert At Caring For Your Rabbit and Have A Healthy, Long Living, and Happy Bunny!

If You Have No Clue How to Raise a Bunny, Are Unsure How to Care and Hold it, and Want Your New Pet to Live As Long As Possible, This May Be the Most Important Information You’ll Ever Read!…

The problem is that rabbits are not like other pets. They’re special and require much more care and knowledge. You can’t just buy a rabbit, put it in a cage, feed it ,and expect it to live for ten years like a dog.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what many new owners do.

There’s a total lack of proper knowledge when it comes to rabbits. And that’s the REAL reason over 70% of thems don’t live up to their life expectancy of up to 15 years!

Here are a few facts about bunnies…

  • Did you know that the generic type of food is actually not that great for her? The best diet for her is anything BUT pellets. As a matter a fact, giving your bunny nothing but pellets can lead to obesity and a handful of other diseases.
  • Keeping her outdoors can actually take away years from its life. It’s cause and effect…pet owners that have them outside spend less time with them and thus, the rabbit gets less exercise. Less exercise means less healthy.
  • Disciplining your bunny the “usual” way is actually counterproductive. Instead of stopping whatever it was doing, your bunny will just fear you instead.
  • Bunnies are NOT great for kids unless you know the facts! Children love bunnies…but bunnies may not feel the same about them if they treat them just like a dog.

Should I Pick Up My Rabbit?

They have feelings. And when you don’t care for them the right way, they won’t like it. Plain and simple. As an example… many people think they like being picked up and held. Do they? Absolutely not!

Unlike dogs or cats, they are down low on the food chain. To other animals, your bunny is dinner. They are wired to react super quick to dangerous situations. And being held up above ground and unable to escape… is NOT what a bunny dreams of. It leaves her feeling vulnerable and as an easy target.

As you can see… caring and training her is NOT easy. You’ve got to go at it totally differently than with any other pet.

Introducing… Rabbit Training Techniques Guide Book


“Rabbit Training Techniques Guide Book” will teach you everything you need to know about her from what to feed it all the way to training it to come to you on command!

When given the insider techniques and tactics to rearing your bunny right, you’ll easily have the happy, obedient, and healthy bunny you’ve always wanted!

The First Step To A Happy Bunny…is Knowing How to Speak “Rabbit-Talk”

It can be hard to care for her. They don’t speak English and can’t tell you how they’re feeling, if they like the loud music you’re playing, whether they’re sick or not, etc. But this DOES NOT mean you can’t understand your bunny.

Your bunny is actually communicating with you on a constant basis. Yep, it’s all through your bunnies body language. And when you learn this you’ll easily be able to tell:

  • If she’s happy and enjoying your company
  • When she is annoyed or upset at something you’re doing
  • When she is telling you that he or she loves you.
  • If she is marking you as its territory (it’s not through pee…)
  • The simple warning signal given when they’re trying to warn you of something
  • The obvious sign your bunny will give you that signals when he or she afraid
  • When she is not happy simply by a little move of this.
  • If she is injured and needs help immediately

Learning how to communicate with your bunny is just the beginning. You can use this information to know exactly how they’re feeling at all times. You’ll instantly be able to get feedback whether she is ok or not.

Disciplining Your Rabbit

Is she not behaving how you’d like? When you tell her what to do, does he listen? Or does she just ignore you and continue to eat?

Training her can seem impossible. And there’s good reason for it… there’s not many bunny owners!

Popular pets like dogs and cats have loads of training tips available for them. But for bunnies… useful tips are few and hard to find.

No wonder so many owners fail to train their pets! If you’ve resorted to training your bunny the same way you train your cat or dog… you could be causing serious problems…

Are You Abusing Your Bunny Without Even Realizing It?

Bunnies are COMPLETELY different than any other animal. They’re wired differently. They have a different mindset on life…

Why? When you’ve been hunted, shot at, and chased by dogs, you react differently to things.

Bunnies have two primary concerns in life… to survive… and to replicate!

When you satisfy and make these two deep desires of theirs you’ll have a much happier bunny. And training your bunny will be much easier!

Imagine your bunny obeying your every command – following you everywhere you go – all with only 10 minutes of training a day!

It doesn’t matter what kind of bunny you have, this info will work for you.

Save the time, frustration, and money and learn how to avoid the top mistakes most owners make (even the so called “pros!”).

Inside Rabbit Training Techniques Guide Book, You’ll Discover:

  • How to get your bunny to understand what the word NO is and stop everything when it hears you say it.
  • The Biggest Difference Between Bunnies and Other Pets – And how, not taking this into account can lead to serious damage and disease
  • How to read bunny body language and communicate with your bunny as if it spoke fluent english
  • Simple behavior training to get your bunny to behave like an angel – No more peeing all over the place or biting up furniture
  • How to Gain Comfort With Her so it will trust you and never fear your presence again!
  • How to tell if your bunny loves you or hates you simply by listening to the sounds it makes
  • The one gesture a bunny makes that may seem cute but is actually its way of showing dominance over you. Continue reinforcing this bad behavior and your bunny will think he is your boss!
  • The stance bunnies make when afraid that many think is “cute” and continue to irritate it even more!
  • The Four Keys to Having a Healthy, Long Living Bunny Free of Disease
  • How to tell if your bunny is a dominating her or a follower – And how it effects the behavior of your bunny
  • The best diet for your bunny to follow – And no, it’s not pellets!
  • The proper way to talk to your bunny so it doesn’t fear you but rather feels more comfortable around you
  • The biggest problem pet owners make in disciplining them that is actually forcing bunnies to respond as if they were being attacked by a snake!
  • The One Secret to Having a Healthy, Strong Bunny and Why Outdoor Bunnies End Up Suffering More Bone Damage than Indoor Bunnies
  • The proper way to discipline her so it behaves right and doesn’t pee on the walls
  • The necessary cautions you must take before letting children play with bunnies
  • The necessary traits of an environment for training her – An improper environment could be the reason you’re failing to teach your bunny anything
  • How to train her to stand on its hind legs just like a dog!
  • Secret psychological reinforcements that get your bunny to obey your every command
  • How long you should train your bunny every – Go past this and you’ll end up wasting time as your bunny will simply forget everything else!
  • How to teach your rabbit to use the litter box in a simple, step by step method – You’ll have her running across the house to reach the litter box!
  • A common mistake many make with the litter box that is causing them to sleep in it instead!
  • How to train her to come running to you on command!
  • A list of common diseases and how to know if she is suffering from them
  • A simple, step by step method for training her to jump onto chairs simply by saying “jump!”
  • How to train her to go back into its cage on this simple command!
  • Stop the Biting- How to get her to stop biting you once and for all! Once you realize the two major reasons why she is biting you, you’ll understand how easy it is to solve this problem.
  • How to get her to get acquainted with other animals such as cats in a simple and friendly way.
  • Secrets uncovered about the truth about pellet foods and how this could be leading her down the road of obesity and disease.
  • Dangerous symptoms that she may be giving that require immediate health action.

Truth is, there isn’t much info out there on bunnies. Most of it is…well…pretty lame. I went through great lengths to find out how to properly care for and train her.

Rabbit Training Techniques Guide Book is a low price alternative to those over priced pet courses, lectures, etc.

You simply can’t afford to spend so much money or time out there on those programs. Did you know that over 90% of the info out there is ineffective and will actually confuse you more?

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Rabbit Training Techniques Guide Book