Quilting As A Business: Turning Your Passion to Profit


Quilting As A Business: Turning Your Passion to Profit


How would you like to work when you wanted to – be your own boss? Sounds good doesn’t it? Fancy doing what you love – and being paid for it. How great would that feel?

You can work from home, and leave peak hour traffic and public transport to those people who still work for the boss. How would you feel to have other people pay you to stay home and make quilts? Those same quilts are then displayed in homes to be admired by people you’ve never meet. Now wouldn’t that be a fabulous feeling?

$30 – $100 an hour could be yours in just a few weeks of doing what you love.

Wow, $30-$100 an hour! How many people do you know that make that much an hour? Are they doing what they love, their passion?

You can choose to start your home part-time biz while continuing your current job. That way your hobby can become a great second or third income. Imagine bringing another $1,000-$4,000 a month into your home, would that help? (Some Quilters make over $5,000 a month). Then when your new biz really takes off you can quit working for the boss if you choose.

How would you like to take your family on holidays when and where you want?

Would you like to buy your materials and accessories as a tax deductions? (a perk of having your own biz)

Would you like the flexibility to work around your family commitments?

How’s that for a fantastic lifestyle?

All these things can be yours if you apply the information in this new package.

Introducing… Quilting As A Business: Turning Your Passion to Profit

The information in the Quilting As A Business: Turning Your Passion to Profit is unique and guaranteed to answer all your questions (you won’t find another multimedia package like it).

What you’ll discover in the Quilting As A Business: Turning Your Passion to Profit:

  • How to have it up and running in no time at all (it really is easy – easier than making a quilt!).
  • How to manage your precious time – so that you make the most of working from home (Work when you want and still make $50 – $100 an hour).
  • Why you don’t need to be an expert Quilter to have a fantastic quilting-business (That’s right, you don’t need to be a guru to have a great selling quilts).
  • How to get customers banging on your door to buy your Quilts (How to let people know you are OPEN FOR BUSINESS – there are heaps of ways).
  • You can even make money from it without EVER making a quilt!
  • The MOST asked question – What is the right price to charge for your Quilts? By the size, the material, the time etc.? (This is very important and can make or break your biz – find out the easy way to get it right the first time).
  • How to deal with customer complaints as well as knowing what customers complain about most. (With this powerful information you can cut your customer complaints down to almost nil – imagine knowing what most people complain about!).
  • Market it in a way that makes customers jump over each other to give you their money (These easy techniques can be used to market any thing).
  • How to get paid TOP DOLLAR doing what you love (Yes, you can make quilts for a HUGE profit!).
  • How to build a customer base from zero to heaps in the shortest possible time (even if you’ve never sold a thing in your life!).
  • Turn interested people into fantastic customers who tell all their friends about you (and you make more money).
  • Where to go to save heaps on materials and receive bulk reductions (and raise your profits through the roof).
  • Find those rare materials that people will marvel over and pay LOTS for!
  • Find out what customers really want so you can provide it to them (big quilts, little quilts or custom made quilts?).
  • How to make sure that your customers adore your work every time you create a new piece (A sure fire tip to make you lock onto their desires like a laser-guided missile).
  • How to advertise where it wont cost you an arm and a leg (discover how to market for just cents in the dollar).
  • Learn how to set your self apart from your competitors and make 3 times more money than them!
  • What you need to start your new venture and what you don’t (This information alone could save you hundreds!).
  • How to find your ‘WOW’ factor and really turn your biz on (and set it apart from the crowd).
  • Advertising that targets your customers and gets them to come searching for you.
  • You can have a thriving home biz and a fantastic social life where family and friends can exist together (that’s right you can have it all).
  • Hard to find resources you can rely on right at your finger tips (this really is information only the insiders know about!).
  • How the ‘edge’ to your biz can be found at trade fairs around the country.
  • How to working with the space you have – maximizing its potential.
  • How to use the Internet to sell your Quilts even if you don’t know any thing about computers.
  • Learn the biz know how to calculating costs and profits EASILY.
  • How to educate the public to recognize and appreciate your quality work over the cheap imported quilts from overseas (so that they would never buy another POOR quality quilt again!).
  • Great hints to help you market the time and skill that goes into making every individual quilt (and get paid $$$ for it).
  • How does commissioning work? (and will it work for me?)
  • How much does a Log Arm Quilt Machine cost?
  • Can you really make money from it – it’s so time consuming? (YES, and this book will show you step by step how to make as much money as you want).

And that’s just a fraction of what you’ll find out in “Quilting As A Business: Turning Your Passion to Profit”.

The Package:

The eBook – This is a 100 paged information packed e-book, which has helped over 1000 people start around the world since 2004.

The Audio – An audio (mp3) format of the eBook, so you can listen to it when you are doing the housework, on your morning walk, on the train or in the car.. Just like a mobile university you can take with you!

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Quilting As A Business: Turning Your Passion to Profit