Psychic Power Training Course – ESP, Telepathy & Astral


Psychic Power Training Course – ESP, Telepathy & Astral


Let’s face it, Building your Basic Psychic Level is tough! Not to mention Taking your skills past the “Basic” Level…

There’s no doubt, it’s probably the most difficult lesson for any Student to Master. Frankly, It is the only subject that really can’t be faked… you either FEEL it or You Don’t. You ‘Know’… or you don’t. The Power Develops.. or It Fizzles.

Of course, some people will tell you that you can do fine without a DEEP EXPERIENCE of Your Mind/Body Energies. WRONG! Just take a look at their feats. Their lack of results and blowing of Hot-Air speak for themselves.

However, the big problem is that most books on the subject are filled with stories and half-techniques but not enough actual How-To Information on Multiplying your Psychic Powers over and over. You practically had to be an Initiated Higher Realms Spiritual Master to figure it out. Frustrated by half-information, or all too complex ‘formulae’… most training are forced to give up for the moment.

But now there’s good news!…

Recently some long-lost manuscripts by Numerous Highly Acclaimed Trainers, have been re-discovered. These works are the Secret Resource many Top Psychics used to perfect their Skills.

Now you can discover…

The Right (and the Wrong) Way to Learn its Development and Multiplication.

This newly released group of works called “The PsyCourse Package” is the quickest and easiest way to learn. Inside this magnificent work you’ll get over FIVE IN-Depth Manuals. Absolutely everything any Student would need.

Introducing… Ancient Secrets Revealed! (Psychic Power Training Course – ESP, Telepathy & Astral)


THE SECRETS REVEALED in this program will enable you to achieve unlimited success in all aspects of your life in minutes per day.

IT IS TRULY unfortunate that most people are not taught how to contact their subconscious mind. Everyone has tremendous latent powers within it. If we let it, the mind can give us anything that we ask. People function at one-tenth consciousness and at most one-tenth of their abilities.

NOW, you can learn how to climb on top of the world and enjoy all that it has to offer you.

TECHNIQUES revealed in Psychic Power Training Course – ESP, Telepathy & Astral will enable you to:

– control your weight
– eliminate bad habits
– attract love
– attract money
– become clairvoyant (seeing the moving pictures and insights in your mind)
– slow aging process
– reduce, eliminate stress


Above and Beyond The “Ancient Secrets Revealed (Psychic Power Training Course – ESP, Telepathy & Astral)” Manual, are the following included Manuals and Materials:

Thought Vibration Course Manual:

1. The Law of Attraction in the Thought World
2. Thought Waves and their Process of Reproduction
3. A Talk about the Mind
4. Mind Building
5. The Secret of the Will
6. How to become immune to injurious Thought Attraction
7. The Transmutation of Negative Thought
8. The Law of Mental Control
9. Asserting the Life-Force
10. Training the Habit-Mind
11. The Psychology of Emotion
12. Developing new Brain Cells
13. The Attractive Power – Desire Force
14. The Great Dynamic Forces
15. Claiming your Own
16. Law, not Chance

Practical Mental Influence Course Manual:

1. The Law of Vibration
2. Thought Waves
3. Mental Induction
4. Mental Concentration
5. Mental Imaging
6. Fascination
7. Hypnotic Influence
8. Influencing at a distance
9. Influencing En Masse
10. The Need of the Knowledge
11. Magic Black and White
12. Self-Protection

Personal Magnetism Course Manual:

1. Preliminary Greeting
2. Personal Magnetism
3. Mental and Physical Poles
4. The Mental Phase
5. The Physical Phase
6. Physical Magnetism
7. Generating Nerve-Force
8. Distributing Nerve-Force
9. Nerve-Force Exercises
10. Projecting Nerve-Force
11. Mental Radiation
12. Mental Attitudes
13. The Mental Atmosphere
14. Magnetic Currents
15. The Direct Flash
16. Exercises in the Direct Flash
17. The Positive Aura
18. The Direct Command
19. The Magnetic Duel
20. Corporeal Magnetism
21. Magnetic Self-Defense

Bonus Manual II: The Thought Vibration Course

· Mind Building
· The Secret of The Will
· Asserting the Life-Force
· The Great Dynamic Forces
· Claiming Your Own
· And More, Details Below…

Bonus Manual III: SOGR – Science of Getting Rich

· How Riches Come To You
· How to Use The Will – For Maximum Results
· Acting in The Certain Way
· Efficient Action

Bonus Manual IV: Practical Mental Influence

· The Law of Vibration
· Mental Induction
· Hypnotic Influence
· Magick Black and White
· And More, Details Below…

Bonus Manual V: Personal Magnetism

· Physical Magnetism
· Generating Nerve-Force
· Mental Radiation
· Magnetic currents
· Corporeal Magnetism
· And More, Details Below…

Bonus Manual VI: Magick Story

· Fascination
· The Secret of Success
· Fortune is Ever Elusive, But Can be Retained!
· Failure Exists Only In The Grave

Even if you’re an Ordinary, Every-Day Type of Person, you’ll Benefit Immensely from Multiplying Your Psychic Power – because you’ll Be able to Walk through your day with an Automatic Information-Feed… constantly telling you HIDDEN INFORMATION that could mean the difference between Heartache and Full-Blown Serenity.

Just imagine being able to Clairvoyantly See the Future – anytime, any place, almost anywhere… without the inconvenience of having to find your books and decode the Secrets – Each and Every Time!

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Psychic Power Training Course – ESP, Telepathy & Astral