Professional Online Makeup Artist Training Course


Professional Online Makeup Artist Training Course


Have you ever wanted to be a makeup artist to the stars? Well now you can! Join celebrity makeup artist Mariana Bull as she teaches you seven amazing techniques that will help you begin a successful career in this unique and exciting industry. In her videos, you’ll learn everything you need to do from the basic fundamentals, all the way to the advanced techniques. Don’t wait, sign up and learn from an expert!

Receive a Professional Certificate

Not only will this program teach you the fundamentals, it will enhance your existing training. What’s more, for each new skill and application you learn, celebrity makeup artist Mariana Bull will be tracking your progress. After successfully completing the program, you’ll even receive a certificate of completion!

Learn from Home or On the Go

This program was designed to accommodate your busy life. That’s why it is offered in the comfort of your own home. Access all of your studies and teachings from your own home computer, and upload you work as you go. This ensures that you learn at your own pace, on your own time, and when it’s convenient for you!

Introducing… Professional Online Makeup Artist Training Course

You’ll benefit from “Professional Online Makeup Artist Training Course” by:

  • Receiving more than seven hours of video training (digital)
  • Receiving a makeup kit and study materials (sent by mail)
  • Having lifetime access to videos
  • Employing quality, hands-on practice (calling all volunteers!)
  • Completing fun and practical hands-on assignments
  • Sharing your work online
  • Receiving evaluations and feedback on your work
  • We evaluate your work and provide a feedback
  • Receiving your certificate showing that you have completed the program (upon completion)

Class Curriculum

Module #1: Introduction to Artistry & Foundations

  • Kit overview
  • Brushes guide
  • Appearance
  • Understanding the clients needs
  • Base matching
  • Color correction
  • Concealer

Module #2: Skin Preparation

  • Types of skin
  • Dry
  • Combinationa
  • Oily
  • Mature
  • Normal
  • Primers

Module #3: Natural Application and Basic Smokey Eye

  • Natural application
  • Transition from natural to evening
  • Carbon black smokey eye application
  • Red lipstick application
  • Long lasting lipstick technique

Module #4: Casual and Glamour Applications

  • Casual application. Matte finish. TV
  • Glamour application. Dewy skin finish

Module #5: Bridal Makeup

  • Airbrush introduction
  • Long lasting makeup
  • How to consult the brides
  • Bridal application

Module #6: Mature Skin Makeup

  • Mature skin application
  • Bump up evening look

Bonus Module #7

  • Pimple coverages. Black spots.
  • Cool eyeshadow technique

Bonus Module #8

  • Life saving tricks
  • How to be a successful
  • How to get Pro Cards and Discounts

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Professional Online Makeup Artist Training Course