Pro Surf Secrets – Surfing Strategy, Techniques and Motivation


Pro Surf Secrets – Surfing Strategy, Techniques and Motivation


For years coaches have been trying to pass on proven secrets to explode your surfing. They’ve tried to sharpen up your surfing ability with KILLER TECHNIQUES. And…despite their best efforts, thousands of surfers never discover what separates them from the guys who truly rip.

Announcing… Pro Surf Secrets


For the last four years Pro Surf Secrets has been taking surfers through a system that is proven to take your surfing to the next level.

It is over 150 pages of surf strategy, techniques and motivation.

The system is simple. It doesn’t require you to have great computer skills to drive it. It is on the cutting edge of surf development and its tips and techniques are used by the world’s elite surfers proving Pro Surf Secrets works.

Once you have downloaded Pro Surf Secrets Simply click on a headline that interests you. Instantly served, will be the latest tips and strategies available for you to check out.

Finally get out in the water and reap your rewards.

In the past surf coaches would have short sessions with their pupils and try to teach the same techniques that the Pros use to generate……


Here’s what Pro Surf Secrets – Surfing Strategy, Techniques and Motivation includes.

  • Ways to create 65% more speed than the average surfer. (Give you enough speed and you’ll pull an air to the moon!)
  • We show you a way of looking at a wave and revealing three ways you can tap into its power.
  • We show you how to position your board on the wave face to squeeze every last ounce of speed.
  • Helpful tips to get your re-entries vertical and extreme.
  • Instant point and click access to the secrets that set your surfing on fire. No need to finger through pages and pages trying to find that valuable tip. Simply click on the area you want to work on and instantly you’re there.
  • It is yours to keep forever. It sits on your computer. Not a server where you have to pay a yearly subscription to keep checking it out. It’s yours to keep using over and over again whenever you feel like it. You can print out a hard copy if that’s what you want.

While to begin with you will probably visit the guide regularly, after a while, you will master its walk you through coaching style. Pro Surfers certainly don’t have to follow the how to steps as they shred waves to pieces. But they certainly reflect on the basics they mastered before becoming an expert.

Experience and common sense will teach you how regularly you consult with this guide.

The biggest benefit you’ll get through hands on experience, is it teaches you how to think for yourself in making surf decisions. Of course this is second nature for Pro Surfers and hopefully one day it will be to you to.

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Pro Surf Secrets – Surfing Strategy, Techniques and Motivation