Priscilla Beadwork Book – Victorian Bead Work Patterns


Priscilla Beadwork Book – Victorian Bead Work Patterns


Now Anyone . . . Can Make Beautiful Victorian Beaded Purses, Jewelry & Accessories.

Introducing… Priscilla Beadwork Book – Victorian Bead Work Patterns


It’s amazing because it covers nearly every bit of information you ever wanted to know about how to make absolutely amazing Victorian beaded purses, necklaces, earrings, pins, plus more . . .

Just imagine being able to make your own Victorian beaded items without spending a fortune on expensive books. And you could do this from the comfort of your own home – whenever you had time – wouldn’t that be great?

That’s what this amazing eBook on Victorian bead work can help you do.


Because every bit of this eBook is packed with step-by-step instructions on how to make each project. It took over 6 months to restore pictures, research and restore missing text, and compile it into this amazing new eBook.

Originally printed in 1912, it is a collection of the best loved bead work of prior years.

Here’s what you’ll discover in Priscilla Beadwork Book – Victorian Bead Work Patterns:

What a “Weaver’s Knot” is and when should it be used
How to properly use a “purse stitch”
What Beaded Knitting is
How they should be strung on the spool for knitting
How to thread them for knitting a pattern of more than one color

WARNING: Sew beads this way and your project is doomed to be a failure

  • What Beaded Crochet is
  • Which beading method allows for laying your project aside and easily picking it up at pleasure
  • When making a bag, what beading method offers the amateur the greatest success
  • What the one right way is to begin embroidery on canvas
  • How avoiding this one mistake will keep your beading beautifully uniform
  • How to fit a pattern if the correct clasp cannot be obtained
  • An unusual opportunity to make necklaces, bracelets, etc., with very little work but very elaborate effect
  • The truth about Victorian ladies and dog collars
  • A very ingenious method of imitating pearl jewelry
  • How to sting long lengths rapidly
  • How to determine what size to use
  • What caution you should be aware about the stringing of beads
  • What secret all great bead workers know but rarely share
  • How to string wood beads properly so as not to wear the thread upon which they are strung
  • And Much More!

But that’s not all…Because that’s just a small tiny fraction of the amount of information you’ll discover in this jam packed eBook that you can download within 5 minutes in the comfort of your own home.

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Priscilla Beadwork Book – Victorian Bead Work Patterns