Premier Hockey Off Ice Speed Training Program Pro


Premier Hockey Off Ice Speed Training Program Pro


Warning: For serious hockey players ONLY.

Continue reading only if you want to up your game to that of a top prospect.

Discover the Secret Hockey Speed Training Program Used by Top NHL Players Right NOW that Makes Them Lightening-Fast and Gives Them Breakaway QUICKNESS.

You’ll become an All-Star with the Only True “Pure-Hockey” Training Program Guaranteed to Give You a FASTER Release and a QUICKER First Step and Develop More SPEED and POWER in 16 Weeks Than Most Hockey Players Add in a Lifetime

Hockey is an exciting, fast paced game that requires a number of varying athletic abilities to achieve success. And we’re becoming more aware of the need for dryland training and off-season hockey training workouts.

But guess what?

  • Many of these current workouts use the wrong approach.
  • Many of these programs are not customized to your individual needs and goals.
  • Many of these programs do not provide day by day detailed information as to what you should be doing.

And you know what happens when you follow a program of this type?

– You miss out on the scholarship.
– You don’t make the final cut.
– You end up on the losing side.
– You end up injured.

These are the low points in the game of hockey. For an athlete losing and being injured are probably the two worst things to go through.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

There is something you can do about this. You can control your destiny. There is a way to ensure your training leads to on ice performance.

Alright you’re probably thinking ‘I do want to be faster, have a quicker release and be less prone to injury!’

Introducing… the Premier Hockey Off Ice Speed Training Program Pro

How does the “Premier Hockey Off Ice Speed Training Program Pro” accomplish this?

You get the same system used by NHL player Cody Almond.


Here’s what you get in “Premier Hockey Off Ice Speed Training Program Pro”.

Component #1 – Assessment Package and Corrective Exercise ‘Cheat Sheet’ value $97

This component walks you through a detailed full-body assessment that picks up on your weaknesses. Weaknesses that if left unaddressed will be exploited by your opponent. Weaknesses where you are leaking energy and leaving speed on the bench instead of on the ice. Weaknesses that left unattended may lead to season ending injury. But not to leave you stranded you get a corrective exercise ‘Cheat Sheet’ that quickly and clearly tells you how to identify many of the compensations and weaknesses you may suffer from.

Component #2 – Conditioning Principles $57 value

This component lays out for you the 8 critical elements you absolutely need to know before you begin your energy system training. These elements are so vital that by ignoring them players risk lower power output, over-training and potential injury. Feel confident knowing you’ve got this ‘top-secret’ report in your arsenal.

Component #3 – Weight Training Workouts $97 value

This component provides detailed day-by-day workouts showing you exactly what lifts to do and when. No circus act lifts or beach body workouts. Only serious lifts for players serious about being the best they can be. Many of the courses out there right now don’t tell you what to do on a particular day, how much to do or when to take a rest day. This course spells out from start to finish everything you need to do, every day, for the entire course. Eliminate the guesswork and get to work. You get specific drills and exercises to extract another 3-5 mph out of your shot and first step. Learn the correct way to perform these complex lifts and ways to tweak them to minimize strain and add speed to your game.

Component #4 – Energy System Training (HEST) $97 value

This component includes the complete ‘Hockey Energy System Training’ (HEST). With HEST you will have speed to win battles for loose pucks. You will have the threshold to stay out for a double shift. And lastly you will have enough left in the tank for the 3rd period and overtime. Ensure you’ve got all your energy system bases covered for hockey with HEST.

Component #5 – Meal Plans $67 value

With this component you get up to 6 different breakfasts, lunch and dinner options to choose. Included as well is the breakdown of how many calories, protein, carbs and fats to eat at every. Every meal listed in this component shows this complete breakdown so you know exactly what you are getting when you fuel up.

Component #6 – Recovery Strategies $57 value

The information in this report will be your ‘ace up your sleeve’. Learn 8 cutting-edge strategies that allow you to recover more than your opponent in less time. The information contained within this report is crucial for success during tournaments and play-offs.

Component #7 – Video Lifting Library $97 value

Over 100 videos providing detailed footage of every single lift, exercise, warm-up and stretch in the course. Get access to the detailed information that will allow you to perform complex, whole body lifts safely while making huge gains on the training room floor.

In other words you get everything you need to become the fastest player you can possibly be. You get the exact system being used by NHL pros today.

Additional workouts, strategies and reports are added from time to time for you to gain another step on the competition.

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Premier Hockey Off Ice Speed Training Program Pro