Pregnancy Blueprint How to Get Pregnant Fast Book Review


Pregnancy Blueprint How to Get Pregnant Fast Book Review


When I first thought about getting pregnant, I knew that there was so much I needed to learn about. From vitamins to what to eat to how to exercise… but I never dreamed there was so much to it. I did not take the time to read all of the information when we finally started trying to get pregnant, I thought “It can’t be that hard” and “Surely there isn’t anything that we don’t already know”. So, we tried and tried and tried, and nothing. It seemed that we would never get pregnant. And, the longer that it took, and the longer that I wasn’t pregnant, the more I wanted a baby fast.

So, I finally broke down and started researching on the web. I went through several sites that offered information that I already knew, which didn’t help. I came across books that promised and guaranteed that I would get pregnant with their information – and yes, I even bought a couple – only to find that they didn’t help at all, and I couldn’t get my money back. It seemed that I was at a loss and that things just weren’t going to go how I wanted. We both started getting depressed every time we saw one of our friend’s babies and we had almost given up trying.

Then, one of my friends who is a writer, told me about the Pregnancy Blueprint. While she wasn’t trying to get pregnant, she had reviewed the book for her site. She told me that it was actually really good and packed with information that would help me, including information on fertility treatments if I needed them. She spoke so highly about the e-book that I decided to get online when I got home and buy a copy.

And I did just that. When I first downloaded the book and opened it up, I was surprised at how long it was. The other e-books that I had purchased were maybe a fraction of the length that the Pregnancy Blueprint is. I told my husband that I had gotten it and he actually sat down with me and read the whole section in the book that is just for Dad’s and what they can do to help as well. I didn’t know that how a man eats and what he does during the day can actually contribute or take away from getting pregnant.

We both altered our diets, exercised, took vitamins, and make some changes to our lifestyle, just the way that the book recommended. Now, I will tell you, it still took me a few months to get pregnant, it wasn’t a miracle, overnight type of thing. But, we did get pregnant finally and we have a beautiful little girl now.

Normally I am not the type to promote any type of e-book or such that I read online, but when my friends mention that they are trying to get pregnant, I don’t hesitate to tell them about this book. I think that it really helped us change our lifestyle so that we were both ready to have a baby. And, I think that anyone out there who is trying to get pregnant should take a good look at the Pregnancy Blueprint. If you are interested in finding out more about this great e-book, you can CLICK on the link below:


Pregnancy Blueprint How to Get Pregnant Fast Book Review