Powerful Sleep Program: How to Get More Energy From Your Sleep


Powerful Sleep Program: How to Get More Energy From Your Sleep


What You Do You Know About How You Sleep?

As you know even though many people drive a car they don’t necessarily understand how the engine and internals of their car actually works. Likewise, even though we all sleep, almost nobody understands how sleep works.

Just like a car engine your sleep is much more complex on the inside than it would seem at first glance, and is actually a lot more interesting as well. There’s actually an internal system that your body uses to sleep, and its individual stages and processes throughout the night.

Most people have heard of some of the different sleep stages like REM and ‘Deep Sleep’ but they probably aren’t aware that one can manipulate and change their ‘inner sleep system’ to their advantage!

Of course to do that, you need to first learn how to put your body into it’s optimum state…When it is in a natural, balanced, powerful state, it heals and energizes your mind and body in an extremely effective way so that you can nap LESS, up to 3 hours less every night!

Not only will you nap better than ever, when you wake you’ll have constant lasting energy throughout the day.

Can you imagine how much different your life would be if you were to function at 100% of your capacity all day, AND have an extra 3 hours of free time, every day?

Why Do So Many People Have Sleeping Problems?

In our rapidly changing and stress-filled world, energy deprivation, insomnia, and these have become so common, you could literally call it an epidemic.

In fact, a report compiled by the U.S National Commission on Sleep Disorders shows that almost one out of ten people suffer from some sort of sleep and energy deprivation disorder. And fully half of the adult population complains about it and energy problems.

The harsh truth is that if you if you live long enough, without properly understanding how it works, you can almost guarantee that you will develop an energy deficiency.

Think about it, the human lineage has been on the planet for around 3-5 million years. But in the last 150 years since the start of the industrial revolution our lives have fundamentally changed. But evolution takes millions of years to work, not decades.

The Most Important Process

There are four major processes that happen in your body when you’re sleeping, and when you’re awake… They are absolutely vital to how long when and how energizing your sleep is.

Arguably the most important process is called Deep Sleep. The name itself is pretty self explanatory, and it’s one of the most energizing and important parts of it, because during deep sleep your immune system turns on, your capillaries (which are like tiny blood vessels) expand, and most of the blood which is stored in your major organs during the day moves out to your muscles to rapidly heal and replenish your body…

You know how you always seem to get a bad cold when you’ve been short on good nap?

It’s because unless you’re getting quality ‘deep sleep’ your immune system never really kicks into full gear, another reason why it’s so important to get GOOD nap while you are sick and the key so you can AVOID getting sick…

Are You Ready to Make a Change?

You don’t HAVE to wake up tired or “on the wrong side of the bed”… Because there are a set of very easy to follow completely natural methods to put your ‘inner sleep system’ back into a powerful, balanced state, that puts its intense healing and restful power into overdrive.

So few people know about these principles, that you could easily call this one of the most simple and powerful secrets for living your life today… You’ll be living your life on a whole new level. Rested, full of energy and honestly more joyful every single morning.

Most people have the presupposed belief that you absolutely must get at least 8 hours of rest per night to wake up energized and to stay healthy.

Believe it or not, this is the very belief that gives a lot of people poor sleep and low energy.

It’s Not About How “LONG” You Sleep, It’s About How Powerful and Energizing the Rest You Actually Get Is…

Imagine for a moment that you put 10 gallons worth of gas into your car every single day – but for some reason, the moment you get in your car all the fuel is gone in just 1 hour of driving.

Finally, frustrated after a week of spending a fortune on gasoline, you realize that the fuel tank in your car is leaking like crazy.

The fact is, it really wouldn’t matter how much fuel you put in it, your car wouldn’t get you very far, because the gas, the energy needed to make it move, is leaking!

It works in much the same way.

It is actually a really fascinating natural system, it works together in your body to make an incredible harmony each and every night to rejuvenate your body, prevent sickness, repair your muscles, improve your memory… and many more things that researchers are still just discovering.

The real truth is, that unless you are sleeping properly and running at 100% it doesn’t matter if you are getting 8 hours a night…

Or Even 10, or 13! It Simply Won’t Matter…

Just like it doesn’t matter how much fuel you put in your car if your gas tank is leaking…in the same way… If your system is weak, you’re going to wake up feeling miserable, no matter how long you sleep!

When it is poor, it’s a sign that your inner system isn’t in it’s natural, powerful state.

How To Renew The Intense Rejuvenating Power Of Your ‘Deep Sleep’

You see, your sleep isn’t always equal. The rate at which it heals your body is most intense… then as the night goes on it becomes less effective.

When you are in deep sleep your capillaries (little tiny blood vessels) expand, and most of the blood in your body which is normally stored in your major organs, moves out to all of your muscles to replenish your entire body.

It’s in this state that your immune system is most powerful. Partly, because your white blood cells (antibodies) are now able move freely through your blood stream to all the little parts of your body that they normally have a hard time getting into.

Imagine deep sleep as a window of opportunity for your immune system to act at its full force to replenish your body.

Yet, when your whole ‘inner sleep system’ is balanced and in its natural powerful state, it is even more effective, you wake up everyday feeling absolutely refreshed, and you don’t need to sleep nearly as long.

However, for most people this is not the case, here’s the problem:

Why It Isn’t As Restful And Energizing As It Could Be…

As you know, your blood is made up of red-blood cells that carry oxygen to every part of your body. Oxygen is like the fuel for your body (and for pretty much every living creature on this planet!)

Without oxygen, your body would die.

When your sleep is impaired, particularly your deep sleep you’ll wake up drowsy, tired, and weak.

When you’re blood cells are close together like that your body simply isn’t getting the oxygen it needs to give you proper rest and to heal your aches pains or illnesses… Pretty frightening.

Why Does This Totally Ruin Your Sleep And Energy Levels?

During deep sleep that all your blood vessels and capillaries expand, and most of your blood moves from your major organs to your muscles to repair them…

Picture healthy blood as a raging stream of crystal clear water running through a clear mountain river.

Now… imagine clumped blood like the picture above as toxic glue, slowly trying to creep its way through your body…

You can obviously tell the difference, as to why that would slow down the healing and its rejuvenating power!

When your blood is clumped together, it no longer can get to all the little capillaries in your body as quickly, and as effectively, to give every little part of your body the life giving oxygen it needs.

So, the cells in your body begin to starve for its rejuvenating effects!

This is the major reason why people feel horrible when they wake up, and why they need to sleep longer, because your deep sleep, and your blood is simply impaired!

Why Does This Happen?

When you were a kid, did you ever play with magnets?

If you did, then you probably know that when you try to push them together when they’re both facing the same side, they repel each other.

Your blood cells work in the exact same way…

You see, your red blood cells are just like tiny magnets, each of them has their own magnetic charge. When this magnetic charge is weakened, your blood cells clump together, instead of repelling each other, just like little magnets would.

Some experts call this process Acidity and Alkalinity. When your blood is too Acidic, this is what happens.

Introducing… ‘Powerful Sleep Program: How to Get More Energy From Your Sleep’


You’ll find out the exactly why your body becomes acidic, and the 3 step simple and surefire method to Alkalize and balance your body to multiply the energizing force of your deep sleep, so that you wake up bursting with energy that lasts through your entire day.

You’ll find out exactly how to get to the root processes that make up your sleep, and how to strengthen them to create an untold difference in your life…

Here are just a few of the other sleep secrets you’ll discover:

  • A simple action you must do within 45 seconds of opening your eyes in the morning, to drastically shift your energy. Hardly anyone knows this, but the people who do feel absolutely charged every single morning (Even the dreary ones that you currently hate with a passion)
  • Easy steps to put your brain in the right state for you to fall into a restful and energizing nap within minutes of your head hitting the pillow…
  • 14 extremely basic habits that will pump-up your system, and let you cut your sleep down by 1 to 3 hours, and infuse your days with lasting, constant energy.
  • Why ‘power naps’ can actually make your sleep worse if you do them improperly… AND… Precisely how you can use them to infuse your days with lasting energy cycles that quickly send your motivation and productivity through the roof.
  • How getting rid of just 2 small things from your daily meals will supercharge your inner system.

….And Much More!

Knowing exactly how your circadian rhythm works is the secret to getting more energy while sleeping less. Because it’s the key process in your body that controls how long you rest!

When you read this book, you’ll learn exactly how this process works, and how you can start doing simple things during the day that will immediately throw your circadian rhythm back into it’s natural powerful state.

Using these principles, you’ll easily be able to pile on an extra 1 to 3 hours of free productive time to every single day of your life!

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Powerful Sleep Program: How to Get More Energy From Your Sleep