Power Networking System – Turn Relationships Into Revenue


Power Networking System – Turn Relationships Into Revenue


Double Your Revenue by Building Relationships with Influencers, VIPs & Top Performers Today, Even if You Hate Networking.


Finally… a system that works, without having to market or “sell” yourself or be someone you’re not business networking, networking for business, small business network, professional networking, professional network, networking professional.

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

– you hate marketing and “selling” yourself
– you have trouble bringing in new clients and customers
– you find yourself working with clients or customers you hate … over and over again
– you aren’t making the income you want
– your career has stalled, or you are looking for a job and aren’t having any luck

If these problems sound familiar, then listen up. Relationships make the world go round.

Who you know makes a huge difference in business – in terms of job promotions, clients, customers, and money in your pocket.

But too many people take a scattershot, haphazard approach to networking. They go to cocktail parties or conferences every once in awhile, meet the wrong people, have zero follow up, and are frustrated by not getting results.

Worst yet, they are only in it for themselves. They take a “me first” attitude.

Imagine A Simple Course, Taught By A Professional, That Makes Networking Easy To Understand.

A Course That Can Be Taken Anywhere, Absorbed Quickly, Complete With Audio, Handouts, Worksheets & Exercises.

Well, You Don’t Have To Imagine It.

Introducing… Power Networking System – Turn Relationships Into Revenue


In this comprehensive audio and text supported course, you’ll learn how to develop your own personal networking strategy.

Who Is this For?

– Business professionals
– Business owners/entrepreneurs who want more clients and customers
– Service professionals: lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, executives – who rely on referrals
– Job seekers
– Students looking to get better at networking

Ready to get started with Power Networking?

The Power Networking System is comprised of eight modules and includes handouts, worksheets, and slides to help you create your own customized networking system.

Here’s what you get:

– Module 1: Adopt the Right Mindset and be Memorable
– Module 2: Create Your “Conversation Lists” — to Create More Intentional and Effective Networking
– Module 3: Maximize In-person Events (Even if You’re Introverted)
– Module 4: Create a Bulletproof Follow-Up System
– Module 5: Create a 12-Month Networking Schedule
– Module 6: Use Social Media to Network in Just 15 Minutes a Day
– Module 7: Turn One-Time Customers or Clients into Life-long Relationships
– Module 8: Measure Results and Adopt Improvements to Your System

If you implement everything in this course, you will have a system that will result in more business, clients & customers and more money in your pocket.

What is included?

  • MP3 audio recordings & Powerpoint slides for two 60-minute classes
  • Handouts for each class
  • Worksheets to help you implement the concepts in each class
  • Spreadsheets for you to fill out
  • The tool which will measure your progress and identify new opportunities
  • a Tool for measuring new sources of revenue

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Power Networking System – Turn Relationships Into Revenue