Popping The Question – 101 Award-winning Marriage Proposal Ideas


Popping The Question – 101 Award-winning Marriage Proposal Ideas


Introducing… Popping The Question – 101 Award-winning Marriage Proposal Ideas


Inside you’ll find…

  • Inexpensive proposition stories
  • Elaborate proposition stories
  • Creative proposition stories
  • Romantic proposition stories
  • Proposition surrounded by friends and family+
  • Private and intimate proposition
  • Sentimental proposition
  • Proposition including your religious faith
  • Christmas, Easter, New Years & Halloween proposition ideas
  • Proposition in nature
  • Proposition by women!
  • Propositions that conceal the ring in a unique way
  • Propositions involving family and friends
  • And much more…

And most won’t cost you much money at all. In fact, the best ones usually don’t.

Here’s 4 Reasons Why This Is Unlike Any Other Book or Website On The Subject…

  • Because These 101 Proposal Stories Were Hand-Picked Out of 7,329 Entries
  • Because I’ve sifted through 7,329 stories from my contest to find the gold, you can be sure that these stories are the most magical and creative proposal stories you’ve ever read.

The 14 Little-Known Resources To Plan It Without Breaking The Bank

The contact phone numbers and websites of dozens of companies where you can get supplies that will make your proposition the talk of the town is included. Also included are dozens of photographs and setups to show you how easy it is to create a world-class proposition without breaking the bank.

The 25 WORST Engagement Stories… Avoid These Mistakes and Have a Good Laugh!

A treat that NO other book offers! Including the guy who used a corpse to propose, the idiot who used a very foul-smelling item and the guy who proposed in the absolutely most un-romantic place imaginable. You will read about the proposal that got someone fired and one that resulted in a trip to the emergency room.

These 25 awful engagement stories will leave you laughing hysterically (and will keep you from making the same horrendous mistakes).

Tips For An Amazing Proposition and Long-Term Relationship Success

Now, while this book is filled with high quality stories, some secrets and tips on having the best proposition possible for you and your lady are included.

So in “Popping The Question – 101 Award-winning Marriage Proposal Ideas”, you’ll also learn:

  • The worst time of day to get engaged… get this wrong and you could ruin the entire proposition
  • How to make $500 from your proposition – it’s pretty simple really
  • A little known secret for getting a free engagement ring – one that is usually far nicer than one you could afford to buy… no joke – you can get a free ring by following this advice
  • What four words you should NEVER say during a proposition
  • 4 places you should NEVER pop the question
  • The 5 things you MUST do if you want to videotape it… get this wrong and you might ruin the entire surprise!
  • How soon you should propose to give you the best odds of NOT getting a divorce
  • And much much more…

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Popping The Question – 101 Award-winning Marriage Proposal Ideas