Pontoon Boat Hull Design – The Advantages and Disadvantages


Pontoon Boat Hull Design – The Advantages and Disadvantages


This is one boat hull design that’s unique and often fun and exciting. It’s unique in the sense that it allows its inhabitants or crew to really enjoy fishing and the excitement that comes along with partying upon water. However, it does come with its advantages and disadvantages.


Many people choose to go with a pontoon style boat because the designs are made to make assembling one very easy and less time consuming.
They are also created and design to be very stable boats especially with a hull design that’s doubled.
This makes the perfect boat hull design for fishing because you can actually stand up in it and not be worried about instability.
The inflatable pontoon boats make excellent carry around boats in back of pickups and in the trunk of a car.
Economy wise these boats are priced very reasonable depending upon your budget and has the greatest worth in regards to price and capacity.


  • It should be safety requirement to wear life vest when upon pontoon boats because they are very open even though the railings make for excellent support. This is considered a disadvantage to partiers. Who wants to wear a vest while having the time of their lives?
  • A pontoon boat hull design is usually crafted similar to a raft rather it’s the inflated version or one constructed from wood, they are very easy to capsize in troubled waters.
  • They are not design for power and racing across an open ocean.
  • They have amazing commercial appeal around the world; especially the United States because of the many accessories that can be attached to them. For instance, gazebo enclosures, captain stands and waterproof furniture are only a few of the many parts that can be added.

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