Police Exam Guide – How To Pass The Police Officer Test


Police Exam Guide – How To Pass The Police Officer Test


Learn How To Pass The Police Officer Test, Using Our Step-By-Step Police Exam Study Guide That Will Send Your Name Right To The Top Of The Hiring List!

If you have decided to pursue a career in law enforcement and become a police officer, you need to know a couple of crucial facts before you start the process:

First… When it comes to passing the Police Written Exam, nobody cares what kind of grades you got in High School or College—and nobody cares if you made the Dean’s List or graduated with honors. It doesn’t matter!

Second… If you’re not 100% ready to absolutely “ACE” your police oral interview…or if you’re thinking that just passing is enough to get you hired…you are COMPLETELY misinformed.. PERIOD!

The Police Exam is a world of its own—with its own rules. You either learn the rules, or you are VERY LIKELY to FAIL IT.

Introducing… Police Exam Guide – How To Pass The Police Officer Test


Police Exam Guide – How To Pass The Police Officer Test

You will learn everything you need to ace the Written Exam and breeze through the Oral Board Interview!

But first…

There is something you must do before you get the chance to take the written exam and oral board interview…

You Have to Successfully Apply to the Department Before You Are Invited to Take the Exams.

“What do you mean successfully apply? Don’t you just fill out the application and send it in?”

Well sure… you can do that! Just don’t expect anything to happen!

Police departments all across the country get a constant flood of applications for relatively few openings. So the first task the department has to do is weed out most of the applicants. They do that using the application.

In fact, many departments are so busy that they use a computerized screening process to reject applications that don’t measure up. In other words, a whole bunch of people get rejected before their application is even seen by a human!

What this means is that filling out the application correctly is every bit as important as doing well on the exams and other phases of the department’s selection process.

You must understand that there are many, many things that can knock your application out of the running. Stupid things like misspelled words (there’s no excuse for those!). You cannot treat the application in a casual way. It has to be perfect and represent the best you have to offer.

Oh, one more thing… If your application is rejected, you never find out why! You do not get any feedback that lets you know where you made mistakes so you can fill out the application the right way the next time.

The application is the crucial first step. It has to be 100% perfect!

You’ll also learn:

  • How to complete the application so you’ll be noticed (in a good way!) by the recruiter and move to the head of the eligibility list.
  • How to make sure you supply all the material the department needs to process your application. Do you need a resume?
  • How to maximize your chances for a position by knowing who is hiring.
  • How to make sure you show that you have the special qualities that departments want in their officers. They don’t always tell you what they are looking for. But rest assured—they ARE watching you to see if you have these qualities!

On To The Written Exam!

There are a lot of key points you need to know, and this book covers them all.

How to study in a focused way, so you don’t waste time and stick to the best study material and techniques.

You’ll get sample practice questions with detailed answers and explanations that are closely based on the actual questions found on real exams used by departments across the country. You will know exactly what’s waiting for you in the exam room! No surprises with Pass the Police Exam training!

It covers key topics including: problem solving; exercising good judgment in various scenarios; verbal abilities; clear writing skills; physical orientation and how to judge direction and distance; memory optimization and how to maximize your observation skills; how to apply mathematical problem solving to real-life situations, and more.

Test traps! All the little tricks that are designed to trip you up on your exam. If you’re nervous (which you will be) you are far more likely to get caught by these clever tricks. You need to know what they are before you go in, so they will stick out and you can deal with them properly.

How to pick the most likely correct answer when you haven’t got a clue. Don’t panic and don’t just guess! There are tried-and-true ways to do this.

Plus more police test tips, tricks, and secrets that will help you breeze through the exam!

On To The Oral Board Interview!

The second major hurdle is the oral board interview. (Some departments schedule this right before the polygraph examination. Regardless—you’re going to have to pass this test at some point.)

Unfortunately, the sad fact is oral boards eliminate more prospective applicants than all other parts of the testing process… combined!

In Police Exam Guide – How To Pass The Police Officer Test, you’ll discover what happens in that dreaded, nerve-racking interview room.

Too many great candidates are needlessly eliminated at the beginning of the process because of mistakes they make that are completely avoidable. It has always bothered me that so many good people—folks who would make great police officers—never get past the first steps. If only they can make it through the initial screening process, their communities will benefit by having them on the force, and they will have a chance to enjoy rewarding careers.

Don’t delay any longer! People that keep putting off their goals rarely ever get around to pursuing them. STOP procrastinating and making LAME excuses for how you aren’t ready for the test. Arm yourself with the knowledge RIGHT NOW, and get the info that will help leverage your time and ace the exam.

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Police Exam Guide – How To Pass The Police Officer Test