Poker Tells Video Training


Poker Tells Video Training


How To Decode All The Body Twitches, Hand Shifts and Facial Expressions AND Win At Least One EXTRA Pot Per Session – In 5 Hours Flat…

Introducing…  Poker Tells Video Training


A Video Blueprint On 12 Advanced Poker Tells That YOU Can Turn Into Cold Hard Cash.

The techniques contained in this course are so effective, they’re regularly used by top secret organizations like the CIA, the U.S. Marshals and the FBI to successfully interrogate and nab even the most hardcore of criminals.

Get Instant Access a total of 5 hours fully-packed with No B.S. stuff so you get right to the meat of things and start decoding body and facial tells in your next session.

After going through the video course, you’ll be able to easily know if your opponents are strong or weak, just by watching them and observing the way they behave.

Here’s A Quick Glimpse At Some Of The Covert, Yet Insanely Effective Techniques Revealed Inside:

  • How to spot “micro-second twitches” on your opponents so you can read them accurately… against their will… and even if they think they’re not giving away any signs.
  • Discover the secret no one has ever talked about – not even in print.
  • A simple but powerful body shift that reveals how much the flop has hit your opponent’s hand.
  • The insanely covert ‘baseline’ strategy expert interrogators use to catch suspects red-handed…and which YOU too can apply to sharpen your deception detection skills.
  • Where you should be looking AFTER the hand is over, so you can confirm that you made a good fold and be at peace.
  • The “instant nose spasm” that TOTALLY GIVES AWAY the strength of the hand of other players.
  • The most positive (as in – I have a MONSTER) nonverbal cue you can catch out there.
  • How to decipher effectively the gestures and facial expressions of other players so you know whether a player is under a high level of stress — or is displaying true confidence because he has a strong hand.
  • PLUS… Say goodbye to your OWN poker tells as you learn how to behave at the table to avoid sending out any clue.
  • And… Surprise Bonus Items Inside.
  • And much much more!

Physical Tells Will NOT Make You a Winning Player, But Here’s What They Can Do For You…

Look, we’re not saying can win every hand, every tournament, and every cash game. No. Poker is A LOT more complex than just reading people.

But you can see DRASTIC CHANGES to your results if you can read your opponents and win say, 2-3 extra pots every session you play in.

What would 2-3 extra pots per tournament do to you in the long run? A hand folded that would have busted you, a pot stolen that you would have lost. These things add up. And big time.

It’s all about small edges, small things that give you the upper hand. This course will do this for you.

After Watching This Tells Course, You Will Win 1 Extra Pot In Your Next Poker Session – Guaranteed.

This isn’t a quick rich scheme based on some crappy advice that one player out of a Million will turn into profit.

These are real, concrete and reliable physical tells that you can use against your opponents every time you play poker. It’s:

  • 3 full years of study before getting it.
  • The same techniques that are used by the CIA, FBI and U.S. Marshals.

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Poker Tells Video Training