Plantar Fasciitis: How Does It Hurt?


Plantar Fasciitis: How Does It Hurt?


If you have been facing heel troubles and acute pain, you should seriously look into getting treatment for your heel.

Types of Heel Pain

Heel pain can occur due to many reasons. It can be divided into two types:

– Heel pain occurring beneath your heel
– Heel pain occurring behind your heel

Causes of Heel Pain

Identifying heel pain is quite easy. If you have heel pain, you should immediately consult your doctor to check if you have plantar fasciitis. This is the most common cause of heel pain. It is a situation occurring due to the inflammation of foot ligament holding the back of your foot. Tears caused in this fascia ligament due to excessive running and foot stretching can cause pain in heel. You might feel chronic pain especially in the morning while walking, or walking after taking some amount of rest.

Plantar fasciitis is in turn caused by wrong types of shoes and over stretching of feet. Shoes having improper bent or hard sole can be problematic.

Formation of a spur in heel is also another important identified cause for heel pain and is nothing but development of a bone hook beneath your heel. Such situation occurs when your plantar fascia move away from your heel.

Stone bruising caused by rock stepping or by bruising your foot fat pad on a rock can also cause heel pain. Stone bruising can cause irritation along with pain and can also cause discomfort while walking. However, injury caused by stone bruising heals on its own by time.

Treatment of Heel Pain

Prevention is better than cure. The same goes for heel pain as well. Whenever suffered from heel pain, the first step would be to take rest and not to impose any stress on your inflamed heel. Apart from this, you should avoid doing any exercises that place pressure or force on your heel. To get a good stretch on heel, you can use ice pins and can roll those over your foot. You can also apply ice constantly on your foot in the morning to get relief.

Apart from going for these natural therapies, you can use some anti-inflammatory drugs to cure your pain. Orthotics is a type of heel treatment considered to be quite effective as it allows free movement of your foot by providing support to it.

Finally, early treatment along with a pool of conservative measures can be helpful in curing pain.

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