Plantar Fasciitis: Getting Relief


Plantar Fasciitis: Getting Relief


Plantar fasciitis is responsible for heel pain. In fact, it is one of the most commonly associated causes of the pain. This situation occurs due to the inflammation in the broad band of the heel tissue. This tissue is important as it starts from heel, runs through the foot sole and then reaches the toes.

You have your foot arch formed with the help of plantar fascia. This acts in the form of a rubber band connecting the heel and your foot ball. This helps you to keep your foot firmly on the ground. You will be having a high arch if the band formed is short and on the other hand, you will have low arch if the band formed is longer in length. Normally, you will have flat feet if the band is long. Plantar fascia is able to stay shock proof because of fat layer around the heel area. Heel spur or the Plantar fasciitis is nothing but deposits of calcium noticed in plantar fascia area.

Taping of the Plantar Fascia

One can put an athletic tape on the plantar fascia. This prevents the fascia from over stretching and thus helps you to reduce your tension and the pain in the heel. Usually, this tape is applied and stretched right from the heel till the toe of your foot sole.

Fascia gets time and space to heal because of the tension created on surface by the use of athletic tape. However, for the tape to perform its action, it is essential that it remains in constant touch with the skin. Hence, you should use fresh tape every morning. this will also allow your skin to stay healthy.

Inserts for Shoes

These allow to reduce the level of stress for your plantar fasciitis and thus manage them properly. You should make it a point to keep your foot firm and properly aligned. This would provide stability to your heel. Heel inserts that are made out of poron foam will help in absorbing the shock created by each foot step.

Exercising Care

When faced with problem of heel pain, you should focus on leisure activities and take rest so as to avoid any kind of inflammation near or in the fascia region.

Cold & Heat

Alternative application of ice and heat filled massages on your heel area can do wonders for your heel. This helps you to get rid of pain and relieves your by healing the swollen area. You can use a pack of ice in morning and during the evening you can move for a heat pack.

This therapy helps you to focus on both muscle and tissues.

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