Plantar Fasciitis Exercises For Relief


Plantar Fasciitis Exercises For Relief


Your lower leg muscle is linked to foot by your Achilles tendon. While doing hard work without suitable warm up may lead to cross the limits of Achilles tendon to extend. This extension of the foot causes you the heel pain.

If anyone feels the light heel pain, than this pain can slowly leads you with Achilles tendonitis, on the whole the swelling of the Achilles tendon which causes you severe pain on the backside of your heel.

If you want to get rid of such pain, then you should do the subsequent exercises earlier to your normal jogging time or say before your workout. The exercises that you should do are:

Exercise No 1

  1. First of all, stand straight facing to the side of wall. There should be a gap of 2-3 inches between your feet and the wall.
  2. Then you should bend your knees in cower position. And you should keep your backside portion straight as you are slowly turning towards the knees.
  3. Then you should lower your stiff so that your knee touches somewhat the wall. And while doing this, if you feels discomfort, you can change some distance between the wall and your feet.
  4. After doing this, you should slowly move to the same position at which you started.
  5. Then carry on this activity of pointing the knees from both the sides that is from the right side and from the left side.
  6. Carry on this exercise at least 8-12 times.
  7. This will relieve the strain or the pain of the heels.

Exercise No- 2

  1. Turn your face to the wall depending on your right foot. And keep the distance of 2.5 feet from the wall.
  2. Lift your left side foot in the front side of yourself keeping the left leg in a straight line.
  3. Keep your right leg bend when your left is lifted up while keeping your higher body straight.
  4. While you are on the bending position, you should try to keep your left toe like that as if it is trying to touch the wall. But while doing this your left leg should not move and should be straight.
  5. Go back to your first position.
  6. Do the same thing from the next side and repeat the exercise for 4-6 times.
  7. Both exercises are designed to increase stamina and to make stronger your Achilles tendon. By doing this, your flexibility increases.

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