Plantar Fasciitis: Ball Of Foot Pain


Plantar Fasciitis: Ball Of Foot Pain


It is not uncommon to have painful feet. Human foot has to go through a lot of physical stress and sessions. Hence it is bound to show signs of pain and aches with the passage of time. However, heel pain or foot pain should not be ignored if it follows a consistent pattern or continues for a long period of time. It is advisable to seek medical help during such circumstances.

Heel of the foot is protected through a layer of fat deposits near your fascia. This can be damaged due to some wrong exercises and practice and can in turn cause painful heels. Painful heels or ball of foot pain can be cured provided that it is properly diagnosed. You should go for check-ups, tests, scans and physical examinations to complete the diagnosis process.

Causes of Ball of Foot Pain:

Heel fissures: These are nothing but similar to a skin deep and are one of the less severe cause of ball of foot pain. However, if ignored, heel fissures can cause a lot of discomfort and trouble. Hence, it is important to cure the problem of heel fissures before the problem aggravates.

In a simpler language, heel fissures are the dead and dry skin breaking towards the end of your heel. These can be easily cured during the initial few stages without much of effort. If ignored, the skin affected by fissures becomes hard and can stop reacting to moisturizers. They can also bleed occasionally because of deepening cracks.

Diabetic patients find it not uncommon to get affected by cracked feet heels. They also develop various other infections because of cracked feet and heel fissures.

Heel Neuroma: This is a condition causing pinching of nerves or entrapment of nerves in your heels. Such a pressure is built up on your heel due to deposits of mass or built up of unwanted tissue over there. Excessive running and exercising without proper rest can cause such swelling.

In case of having ball of foot pain due to heel neuroma, you should allow your foot to rest by taking off your shoes. Getting a check up with podiatrist will only help you to treat your problem better. Use of anti-inflammatory medicines is also another option.

In long term, you can cure or prevent the occurrence of ball of foot pain by selecting the right kind of foot wear, supporting your foot arch and providing you the required comfort without traumatizing your heels.

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