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pitch-master-pro-headerPitch Master Pro Pitch Recognition Ear Training Software


It is broken up into two separate modules. Each module includes various sections designed to teach you to master the art of pitch recognition.

pitch-master-pro-coverIn the Relative Pitch module you will learn to:

1. Name every interval by ear. Example, Perfect 5th.
2. Name all common chords by ear. Example, Major 7.
3. Name all the modes of a major scale by ear. Example, Dorian Mode.

In the Absolute Pitch module you will learn to:

1. Audiate various notes through specially designed exercises. This will enable you to hear notes in your mind and connect them with note names.
2. Name any note by ear. Example, A3.

It also benefits from over 200 lessons of multiple choice quizzes so you can test your progress as you build up your inner ear. And best of all, these quizzes are randomized so you will never get bored!

What sets it apart from other products out there is that it utilizes your brain’s natural ability to recall bits of information in quick succession. With this unique approach you will be able to memorize notes, intervals, chords, and scales extremely fast!

Why Is It More Effective Than Other Audio-Based Courses?

Many students have found that the major weakness of audio-based courses that teach pitch recognition is that they fail to effectively test you on what you’ve covered. Sure, they may have a quiz at the end of each lesson, but unfortunately it’s the same quiz every time you play the audio.


It uses a randomizing feature for all quizzes, this means that you will never get the same sequence of questions! This allows students to internalize the notes, intervals, chords, and scales far more efficiently then other outdated audio courses.

Why Is Its Approach Faster Than Other Methods?

If you have ever tried to learn absolute pitch from other courses then you have obviously noticed that many methods out there are very difficult to understand. The approaches are cumbersome and in many cases students come away from the course believing they just don’t have the talent to master pitch recognition.

The truth is that anyone can learn this skill-set! But in order to do so you need an approach that allows you to build up your inner ear step-by-step.


It was designed with ease of use in mind, therefore it takes students through every step of the process. In no time at all you will be amazed at just how fast and simple this software makes learning pitch recognition.

Why Is It The Best Value For Money?

Another major concern of students wanting to learn pitch recognition is the price of other courses on the market. In fact, some training products can cost upwards of $250 to learn both relative pitch and absolute pitch. And of course many people just don’t want to invest that much.

Since its release it has transformed the lives of countless individuals, who are now using their new found abilities to further expand their musical talent.

Imagine how it will feel in a few months when you can enter any music-related situation and know with total confidence that you have a keenly developed sense of pitch that far exceeds those musicians around you. Empowering is one word that comes to mind.

Pitch Master Pro Pitch Recognition Ear Training Software gives you all the tools you’ll need to make this a reality, all it requires on your part is to commit to no less then 15 minutes a day… That’s right, just 15 minutes will get you real results, and not in 6 months, but in weeks!

The method it employs truly works, and best of all it makes the process fun and easy!

So are you ready to join the ranks of other users and finally take your musical abilities to the next level?

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Pitch Master Pro Pitch Recognition Ear Training Software