Pit Bulls Revealed Guide Review


Pit Bulls Revealed Guide Review


Tim Amherst is a 33 year old pit-bull terrier guru and his latest product “Pit Bulls Revealed Guide” will teach you everything from how to choose a pup to how to train your pooch to behave appropriately. As far as dog training products go, Tim Amherst really knows what he’s talking about. One of the things we really like about this course is that it’s designed specifically for Pit-Bull owners.

A one size fits all approach rarely works with dog training and Tim has recognized this and dealt with it. His eBook is a complete manual to raising and owning a Pit-Bull Terrier. If you’ve ever considered owning this dog but don’t know much about them then this eBook is ideal for you. It’ll teach you everything you could ever want to know from choosing the best puppy breeder right down to what food to feed it for optimal health.

There are a ton of testimonials on the sales page and there’s also a quick preview of what you will learn if you buy the eBook. You’ll learn how to avoid the three biggest mistakes when it comes to color, weight and ears, the “locking jaw” myth exposed, 6 facts every owner must know about breaking sticks, the truth about “giant pit-bulls”, common pitfalls and how to avoid them when buying a new puppy, a foolproof  puppy breeder checklist, 7 crucial items that you have to have in your home before buying a new puppy, 3 steps to choosing the perfect dog bed for your pet, puppy nutrition secrets, how to choose the best vet for your puppy, 5 common health issues associated with them and how to avoid them – we could go on but as you can see this really is a complete handbook for anyone who owns or is thinking of getting a pit-bull terrier.

With value packed into this eBook you’d think it’s going to be quite expensive. The eBook contains all the information you could ever need to know about pit-bulls and owning them. At just $19.95 it’s by far the most affordable dog owner handbook we’ve ever come across – with all this information as well as three awesome bonuses included if you purchase today, the eBook is a real no brainer!

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